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Time to get cracking on secondary school admissions

Published on:

26 September 2018

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Parents are being urged to get their secondary school admissions in before the 31 October deadline.

The parents of children due to transfer to secondary school in September next year are being urged to get their applications in by the 31 October deadline.

Enfield Council is recommending that parents use the quick, easy and secure online portal here to complete their application.

An impressive 90 per cent of Enfield’s Secondary schools have been rated as good or outstanding by Ofsted.
Because many schools in Enfield get many more applications than they have places available, the Council recommends that parents are should apply for more than one 
school to maximise the chances that they will get a place at one of the schools of their choice.
Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Cllr Achilleas Georgiou, said: “It is important that parents do their research before making their application so they know what the admissions criteria are and they choose schools their children stand a good chance of getting into. 
“Our admissions process underpins the principles of fairness for all and a good quality education for everyone so that anyone in Enfield can achieve their potential.
“Moving to secondary school is an exciting time for children and we are committed to providing excellent learning opportunities and high quality education for all of our young people. 

"I am incredibly proud that 93 per cent of our schools are rated good or outstanding by Ofsted and our young people have the opportunity to succeed and achieve great things whichever school they go to.
“I’d strongly recommend that parents do their research and make their application  by the deadline to maximise their chance of getting a place at a school of their choice. 

"If you make your application after the deadline you are more likely not to get one of your chosen schools, so it makes sense to get your application in by 31 October.

All secondary schools offer an opportunity to visit and we would encourage parents to visit the schools they are interested in before making their applications.
The Council also recommends checking the school website for information about it, checking how many places are available at the schools in question and reading the admission criteria and check how likely their child is to get a place there. 
The Council also suggests you consider how your child will get to school.

More details about the admissions process can be found here