Members’ Self Service (MSS)

The pension scheme MSS is only available to active members. An active member is someone who is currently making pension contributions into the Enfield Pension Fund.

MSS provides members with an easy-to-use web portal to access and update information. It makes it easy for you to:

  • update your contact details
  • view key documents
  • run your own benefit calculations
  • view your annual allowance
  • request and receive information

Access MSS (To register, your username is your workplace email address)

MSS video guides

Below are a series of videos we’ve created to guide you through the MSS portal. They show you how to do everything from viewing your service history to estimating your pension on retirement.


Changing personal details

Change password

Change security questions

Update your email

View financial details

Benefit projector deferred benefits

Benefit projector redundancy retirement

Benefit projector voluntary retirement

Latest valuation

Contact the pensions team