Staying safe

Community help point scheme

Lost, frightened or afraid?

Look for the Community Help Point Scheme sign and go in and ask for help

A large number of young people told us that they had concerns about their personal safety when moving around the borough and as a result, we have introduced the Community Help Point Scheme – CHPS – in an effort to improve personal safety.

Community Help Point Scheme Poster

Local businesses, libraries, children’s centres, youth centres, police stations and other places on or near to main roads and transport services, are part of a scheme which means they will display the logo above and offer appropriate help to any child, young person or adult at risk in difficulty and seeking help.

list of locations that are part of the scheme is available, to enable you to pick out those that are on your route to your schools or other venues that you use in Enfield.

To see these locations on a map click here.

People in these places have been trained to offer appropriate assistance to children, young people and adults at risk or in trouble, and keep them safe until their situation is resolved. This may be simply providing a safe place to wait, or making a phone call to a family, friend or school on behalf of the person.

This scheme may be used by children, young people and adults at risk who are anxious about the following :
• Being bullied or intimidated by others on the street
• Being lost
• Being the victim of crime
• Needing somewhere safe to wait until they can continue a journey

CHPS will work well if the scheme is used sensibly by everyone.
If you are in trouble – look for the logo and go in and ask for assistance.

If you are a business, group, organisation or service provider and wish to be part of the scheme, please email or call Claire Whetstone  – 020 8373 2710