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Safeguarding Enfield Annual Report 2019-20 Summary

Covid-19 response (PROTECT)

Across the Partnership all of our agencies have been affected by the pandemic. As part of our Partner updates for this report we have asked partners to provide information about their response to the pandemic.  This has included:

• Increased domestic abuse and neglect
related cases into acute hospitals;
• Daily calls to care homes
• Thousands of welfare calls, include 2,000
from the LD service

Modern Slavery (PROTECT)

Enfield is one of the first areas in London to have a dedicated Modern Slavery Team comprising of Local Authority and Police
staff. The multi-agency team has been raising awareness and responding to intelligence. National Referral Mechanism (NRM) training has been carried out by the Salvation Army for all our Modern Slavery Champions (who sit in a number of Local authority teams: children and adult social services, finance, housing, mental health and community safety) and support
to facilitate awareness training amongst partnership members: in NMDX A&E, CCG and GPs. Awareness raising training has been given to council workers, care providers service providers, health clinics and schools. A Modern Slavery conference took place in May 2019. This was funded by the Enfield CCG, and organised by the Enfield Council. This included presentations from the Children’s Society, Police and Salvation Army. Over 100 delegates from across the Partnership attended.
The multi-agency team has been raising awareness and responding to intelligence.

Domestic Abuse (PROTECT)

Over the course of the 2019-20 financial year, we’ve had a strong partnership focus on strengthening our response to  domestic abuse, leading to the launch of the hub on Friday 1st May 2020. We sent out information regarding the free-phone helpline (0800 923 9009) and bespoke email address. Information about the multi-agency team was also sent to over
10,000 people, and included in the second Safeguarding Newsletter.

Centre of Excellence (PROTECT)

The Enfield Centre of Excellence (ECOE) works with social workers at all levels, as well as others involved in face to face practice, to identify opportunities to improve the impact of all our work with children, young people and vulnerable adults, as well as those that care for them. Team members have a continued focus on best practice, applying the strength-based model across the partnership, keeping children at the centre of everything we do and making every contact count. Two practice weeks were organised – one on Child Sexual Abuse between 10th and 14th June, and a second on Neglect between 18th and 22nd November, culminating in a Social Work Conference on Neglect on the 22nd November. The ECOE website is being developed and will be launched in 2020-21.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) (PREVENT)

Our ongoing work around FGM relates to both protecting adults who have been affected by FGM (e.g. before migration to the UK) and children living in Enfield at risk of FGM. Our FGM steering group works with the aim of increasing awareness and improving responses across the Partnership.

New Arrangements for Children (IMPROVE)

During the year we agreed and started working on the new arrangements for Safeguarding Children. This was agreed by the partners and launched in June 2019. As required by law, we were working to these arrangements by September 2019, and informed the Department of Education.

Supporting our care providers (IMPROVE)

Our Safeguarding Information Panel ensure that partners effectively share information to identify any risks of harm to those who use services, to prevent any future or additional harm taking place. The Panel can initiate actions such as Provider Concerns, Quality Checker visits, Immigration Enforcement visits and London Fire Brigade visits.

Child Death (LEARN)

Every child death in Enfield is reviewed, to ensure there is appropriate bereavement support, and to help us understand if there are any patterns or issues that need to be addressed. Over 2019-20 there were 21 child deaths (death of a person under 18 years of age).