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Support for families from the change and challenge team

What do we do?

If a family is identified as meeting at least 4 of our 6 criteria, a Change and Challenge Caseworker will provide intensive intervention work with the family. We will aim to engage and grip the family, supporting them to turn their lives around.  The intervention will be of high frequency and will be reviewed after 12 weeks.

The team works to the following principles:

  • To assess the whole family and provide a holistic approach to all with a clear transparent and bespoke action plan
  • Build relationships, identifying all needs, offer direct intervention and support
  • Coordinate other services as required using the Team around the Family process
  • Offer support to existing lead agencies already involved with the family by applying alternative approaches
  • Empower families to recognise what contributes towards a crisis situation and equip them to deal with basic problems before they escalate

We help families to:

  • Recognise and understand their difficulties
  • Resolve these difficulties
  • Change their pathways
  • Lead fulfilling lives

What are the main outcomes?

  • Reduction in youth offending and anti-social behaviour
  • Reduction in gang activity
  • Improved attendance and life opportunities
  • Families receive swift early support
  • Reduction in unemployment, improvement in aspiration and reduction in child poverty
  • Reduction in violence and domestic abuse
  • Safer and stronger families
  • Reduction in family breakdown
  • Improved health and well-being of families
  • Reduction of cost for the public health purse

Accessing our service for professionals

If you think a family you are working with may meet the Change and Challenge criteria, please complete a pre-screening form and email it to us.

A member of the team will contact you, to discuss the referral further. A discussion will take place on how best to proceed in order to offer the right services to the family.

Contact Details

Change and Challenge Team, Enfield Council Youth and Family Support Service, Unit 9, Claverings Centre Way, Edmonton, N9 0AP Telephone:  0208 379 25250758 302 5655

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