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Voluntary, community and faith groups

Voluntary, community and faith groups play an important role within the community by providing services and support to children and their families.  They have a duty to ensure that they are able to keep children safe and that governance structures are in place in their organisations to ensure this happens.
Voluntary, community and faith groups are some of the largest providers of services to children and young people and their families in Enfield, and therefore play a significant role in safeguarding. They offer a range of services including school holiday and after school activities, sports and play activities, arts and crafts and computer classes, as well as religious instruction and cultural enrichment.  Some organisations also offer family support, counselling, emotional wellbeing services and workshops.
Enfield Safeguarding Children Board is committed to working in partnership with the voluntary, community and faith sector in Enfield in order to raise awareness and standards around safeguarding of children and young people, and to strengthen working links between this sector and statutory agencies.

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