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Terms and conditions for other ceremonies

The information on this page applies to bookings for ceremonies other than marriage or civil partnership ceremonies. These are:

  • renewal of vows ceremonies
  • child naming or 'Welcome to the World' ceremonies
  • British citizenship ceremonies

Read our terms and conditions for marriage and civil partnership ceremonies.

Your booking is accepted on the following terms and conditions:

Provisional bookings

To make a provisional ceremony booking, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of £50. This payment can be used towards the full payment for your ceremony.

If you are booking a ceremony that is less than 12 weeks away, you must make the full payment for the ceremony to hold the date.

Amendment fees

You may request to change the date, time or venue of your ceremony after your booking has been accepted. The acceptance of any such request is subject to a £50 amendment fee. If your new ceremony date is less than 12 weeks away, you may be asked to pay for the full cost of the ceremony and an amendment fee. All details that are changed at the same time are only subject to one amendment fee. You will need to pay another amendment fee for any further changes you make.

If you wish to change the date of your ceremony, note that:

  • there must be at least 12 weeks between the date that you notify us and the date that you have originally booked for your ceremony
  • you may need to pay an updated or additional fee for the ceremony itself
  • if you later cancel your ceremony, the amendment fee is not refundable
  • we will only accept an amendment to a booking in writing from one of the people who booked the ceremony

Refunds and cancellations

To cancel a provisional or confirmed ceremony booking, you must give us a minimum of 12 weeks' notice. If you give us less notice, no refund will be given.


We will not accept liability for:

  • any delay or loss caused by the late arrival or non-arrival of you or any of your guests. The registrars attending your ceremony have ceremonies to attend throughout the day, so cannot delay the pre-agreed start time of the ceremony. If it is necessary for the registration team to leave the venue and attend their next ceremony, they will make every effort to return and conduct your ceremony. If this is not possible and the registration team needs to return to conduct your ceremony on another day, you would be liable to pay any additional fees incurred
  • any loss caused by a request from you or your representatives to delay the ceremony. Any decision to delay the ceremony is entirely at the discretion of the Enfield Registration Service
  • any loss or compensation where a ceremony is stopped from going ahead because it would be void if it did so. This would be owing to an offence committed under the Marriage or Civil Partnership Acts or the Immigration Act
  • any ceremony that has to be cancelled as a result of events that are outside our control
  • the failure of any music system provided by you, the venue or a third party
  • failure, neglect, non-compliance or omissions caused by any venue that is not owned by us. We also will not accept liability for any agreement between you and the venue for the use or provision of any services. Approval of the venue is granted only in connection with the provision of ceremonies