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Premises licence for gambling

A premises licence allows the premises to be used for one or more licensable gambling activities. This could include bingo, gaming machines and betting.

All applications are advertised outside the premises and in the local newspaper. Local residents can object to applications to:

  • prevent gambling from becoming a source of crime or disorder in the community
  • ensure gambling is conducted fairly and openly
  • protect children and vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited

If you would like to be added to the consultation email for gambling activity applications, please contact licensing@enfield.gov.uk.

It is a criminal offence to carry out unlicensed activities and, if convicted, you could be given a £20,000 fine and a six-month prison term.

New licences

Apply for a new premises licence (PDF)

Useful documents

If your application is unsuccessful, you may appeal to a magistrates' court within 21 days of the decision.

Transferring a licence

You can also make an application to transfer an existing premises licence to a new licence holder.

Apply to transfer premises licence (PDF)

Making a variation to a licence

You can also make an application to make a variation to an existing licence. You should advertise this application outside the premises and in the local newspaper.

Apply to vary a premises licence (PDF)

Useful documents

Review of a licence

You can request for a gambling premises licence to be reviewed by our Licensing Committee.

Apply to review a gambling premises licence (PDF)

Current review applications and submitting representation

Only applications which are open for public consultation can be viewed on this page.

Current applications
Name and address of premises Licence type Licence reference 28-day consultation period dates

No current applications pending

The licence holder or a responsible authority may make representations in writing about the application, as may any persons who:

  • live close enough to the premises that they could be affected by the authorised activities
  • has business interests that might be affected by the authorised activities
  • represents someone in either of the above two categories

To submit your representation or request a copy of an application, email licensing@enfield.gov.uk. All representations must be received by midnight on the last date.

Representations should include details or evidence of how the licence does not meet one or more of the licensing objectives. Under the Gambling Act 2005, the licensing objectives are:

  • preventing gambling from being a source of crime or disorder, being associated with crime or disorder or being used to support crime
  • ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way
  • protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling

Useful documents

For more information see:

  • our fees page for the relevant fee
  • our online Licence Register where all applications and licences are recorded
  • GOV.UK for the rules about premises licences for gaming