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Street trading licence

You need a street trading licence to:

  • set up seasonal and farmers' market stalls on the highway on a designated street
  • set up tables and chairs outside cafés, restaurants and public houses situated on a designated street
  • display goods outside shops at 2-20 and 3-37 Ashfield Parade, Southgate

This does not include pedlars, news vendors, milk men or sales on private land. A licence is not required to place goods for sale on land which forms part of the premises (i.e. not the highway). Displaying goods, including fruits and vegetables, on the highway outside a premises is not permitted. For a full list of designated streets, see our application forms.

It is a criminal offence to carry out unlicensed activities and, if convicted, you could be given a £1,000 fine.

Apply for a temporary street trading licence (PDF)

Apply for a tables and chairs for outside seating licence (PDF)

Apply for a shop forecourts licence (PDF)

If your application is unsuccessful, you may appeal to a magistrates' court within 21 days of the decision.

For more information see: