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Procurement and commissioning

The procurement and commissioning team ensures best value and complies with the most economically advantageous tender guidelines for all procurement processes undertaken. We facilitate this by:

  • establishing council-wide contracts for goods and services
  • grouping our purchases
  • standardising our products
  • developing and implementing e-procurement initiatives
  • working with other authorities to increase buying power and share the costs of procurement

The team is responsible for:

  • providing specialist professional procurement support, advice and guidance to our departments
  • developing our procurement strategy, policies and procedures
  • promoting, developing and implementing automation across the authority
  • the placement and management of major corporate contracts
  • working collaboratively with our strategic partners, small and local businesses, voluntary and third sector organisations and purchasing associations to deliver value for money in contracts and supplies
  • ensuring that opportunities for businesses reach as many potential suppliers as possible and to make it easy for them to engage with us
  • ensuring staff have the skills and support they need to purchase efficiently

For more information, email corporate.procurement@enfield.gov.uk.