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How we collect unpaid business rates

You must pay your business rates bill by the given date, allowing seven days for the payment to reach us.

We will send a reminder notice if your payments are not made at the specified time and you will lose the right to pay in instalments if you don't pay within seven days from the date on the reminder notice.

If you lose the right to pay in instalments and do not pay the full amount for the year, you will be issued a court summons.

If a court hearing takes place, we will obtain a liability order to help collect the money you owe. You can still make an arrangement to pay your debt to avoid further action.

If you do not agree a payment plan with us you may also be contacted by an enforcement agent and have to pay the fees in the table below:

Trigger Stage Fixed fee Percentage fee
Enforcement agent receives instruction
Compliance fee
First attendance to relevant property
plus 7.5% of the value of the original debt that exceeds £1,500
First attendance for purpose of transporting goods to place of sale
plus 7.5% of the value of the original debt that exceeds £1,500

If an enforcement agent cannot collect on the debt, further action will be taken. This can include insolvency, bankruptcy proceedings and arrest warrants leading to a three-month prison term.

You can email revs@enfield.gov.uk or contact us on 020 8379 4766 to discuss other payment options, or check if you need to go to court.

For valuation issues, visit the GOV.UK.