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Music workshops, dates and events


Events and updates

8 January

Enfield Music Service re-opens

9 - 11 January

By appointment – collection of hire instruments

12 January

Saturday Music Centre re-opens

14 January 

Instrumental lessons begin in school

26 January

Saturday Music Centre open day

18 - 23 February

Office closed for half-term

1 March

Deadline for renewing or applying for lessons

4 April

Enfield Music Service closes for Easter



1 March

Soloists Recital – secondary school students (venue to be confirmed) at 7pm.

9 March

Concert at Enfield Baptist Church, EN2 6TG at 7:30pm, featuring:

  • Enfield Chamber Orchestra
  • Alice Warburton (French Horn), EYSO concerto winner

20 March

Enfield Music Service Concert at Enfield County School at 7:30pm, featuring:

  • Enfield and Edmonton Training Bands
  • Steel Pans
  • Concert Band

21 March

Enfield Music Service Concert at Enfield County Upper School at 7:30pm, featuring:

  • Beginner and Intermediate Strings
  • Wednesday Strings
  • Edmonton Strings
  • Concert Orchestra

22 March

Enfield Music Service Chamber Music Recital at The Raglan School (to be confirmed) at 7:30pm, featuring:

  • String Quartet
  • Lower Strings Ensemble
  • Wind Quintet

23 March 

Saturday Centre Soloists Recital at Houndsfield School at 12:45pm. 

24 March 

Enfield Youth Symphony Orchestra and Enfield Youth Wind Band Concert at St Andrews Church, Southgate at 4pm. 

27 March 

Final of the Mayor’s Choral Award competition at Lea Valley High school at 7pm, featuring:

  • Choirs from Enfield primary and secondary schools 

30 March

Saturday Centre Concerts at Houndsfield School, N9 7RA at 10am and 11:30am, featuring:

  • Mini Music Makers
  • Music Club
  • Ukulele Clubs
  • Keyboard groups
  • Steel pan groups
  • Saturday Singers
Date Events and updates

26 January 

Enfield Music Service (EMS) open day. From 9:15am to 12:30pm at EMS Saturday Music Centre, Houndsfield Primary School N9 7RA.

Discover the wide variety of music opportunities we offer, including our full range of ensembles, choirs and other music activities.

Children will be able to try an instrument, with our expert tutors available to give advice on all aspects of learning to play.

There will also be group sessions for children and parents to try the steel pans or ukulele, making it a great opportunity for the whole family to have fun together. 

3 February

Lower Strings Day. From 9am to 3:30pm at The Raglan School. For cello and double bass players of ability range grade 2+.

Performance for family and friends at the end of the day.

3 February 

Wind Band Day. From 10am to 3:30pm at The Raglan School. For brass and woodwind players who have had two terms tuition, up to grade 5 standard.

Performance for family and friends at the end of the day. 

19 February 

Songwriting course for young people aged 11 to 19. From 10am to 4pm at Dugdale Theatre, Dugdale Centre, Enfield.

Bring any instrument and produce a new composition. We will explore the songwriting process – from first ideas, words or music, to building up the material, exploring different styles, rehearsing and performing. 

17 March

Upper Strings Day. From 10am to 3:30pm (venue to be confirmed). For violin and viola players preliminary up to grade 4.

Performance for family and friends at the end of the day.

These fun and exciting courses will give pupils the opportunity to learn different music, play in small and large groups and perform to family and friends. To apply, info@enfieldmusicservice.org.