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Early Help

Early help in Enfield means intervening as soon as possible to tackle problems emerging for children, young people, their families or others most at risk of developing problems. Early intervention may occur at any point in a child or young person’s life.

We also use prevention actions that boost children’s resilience and protect them from potential poor outcomes.

Enfield children's plan 2016 - 2019 (PDF) sets out our priorities to:

  • help families to deal with challenges, embrace opportunities and stay together
  • make sure all children attend school regularly so they can achieve and excel with the support of the best teachers
  • support children and young people through transitions to become adults who contribute to society

Early help may be required at any point in a child or young person’s life and the type of support available will depend on their needs.

Early help strategy

Working together to safeguard children sets out the expectation that local agencies will work together to identify children with additional needs and provide support as soon as problems emerge.

Our early help strategy will be published shortly and sets out our commitment to early help in Enfield over the next three years.

The Change and Challenge Unit (CCU) supports families to deal with the challenges they are facing, and develop coping strategies and resilience.

The CCU can help with the following concerns:

  • your child regularly misses or is excluded from school
  • your child is involved in crime or antisocial behaviour
  • a family member has problems with neighbours, gangs or domestic abuse
  • a family member is out of work and needs help finding a job

Your caseworker will:

  • meet you to get to know you
  • develop a plan that meets the needs of you and your family
  • find specialist services that will benefit you
  • help you budget and manage your finances
  • advice diet and exercise
  • help with finding a job or training
  • offer advice on parenting and support to improve your child's behaviour and school attendance

The Parent Support Unit (PSU) supports parents and carers with children and young people aged 0 to 17 years, who live or attend an educational setting in Enfield.

The PSU works with the whole family to improve school attendance and achievements. It helps parents to manage behaviour, set boundaries and communicate effectively with their children to make the most of their talents. This reduces the risk of negative patterns of behaviour becoming established.

The PSU works with individual families and groups of parents, in schools, children's centres, family homes and community settings.

Contact the Parent Support Unit at parent.supportservice@enfield.gov.uk or on 020 8379 2002.