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Continence service for children

Bladder and bowel problems affect people of any age and have a huge impact on an individual’s quality of life. The continence service undertakes assessments to promote continence and provide training to nursing and care home staff. We act as a resource and provide information on continence related issues and concerns. If continence cannot be achieved, we can provide containment aids. The enuresis service is currently provided by Chase Farm Hospital.

Accessing the service

Children must live in Enfield, or have a GP in Enfield, which will allow them to be seen in clinics that run all day Monday, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

Referrals can be made by GPs, hospital staff, any member of the multi-disciplinary team and nurse colleagues. Carers or families can refer to the service if the GP is unable to.

Products are provided from the age of three and families should approach the health visitor or school nurse who will assess for these. Children can be expected to be seen within three to six weeks of the service receiving the referral.

After receiving a referral, a letter is sent requesting families or carers to contact the continence team and make an appointment. 

For more information, contact the team on 020 8702 5820.

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