Mediation and dispute

We work with parents, carers and young people to reach agreements about what is needed to meet a child or young person’s needs. Professionals work in collaboration with parents, carers and young people to produce the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), determine their outcomes and what services and support are required.

If you have any concerns, we recommend you talk to a member of the SEN team or our SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS), which is independent of the council and provides informal, impartial advice. Both teams will work with you to address your concerns and reach a satisfactory resolution for all parties. It is in everyone’s interest to try and resolve any disagreements without the additional burden of having to go to tribunal.

If you have a disagreement or issue that you wish to discuss we encourage you to talk to the relevant service:

  • Cheviots Joint Service for Disabled Children: call on 020 8363 4047, or email the team.
  • Education and SEN Services: call on 020 8379 5667, or email the team.
  • Enfield SEND Information, Advice & Support Service: call on 020 8373 6273, or email the team.
  • NHS (Health)

If the relevant service is unable to resolve your issue, it may be necessary for parents, carers and young people to use the mediation or disagreement resolution service. 

Mediation and disagreement resolution

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process. You will be helped by a neutral third party mediator to resolve problems. The mediator helps participants reach a solution they are happy with.

Disagreement resolution is a formal process where the council, schools, parents and carers meet to find a solution to a difference of opinion.

Participation in mediation and disagreement resolution does not take away the parent or carers right to appeal to the SEN tribunal. However, we aim to resolve all disagreements and disputes at a local level by having honest and open dialogue.

  • Resolution services for education mediation and disagreement resolution services are provided by Kids, a leading disabled children’s charity. If for some reason we are unable to work with you to resolve your problems then you can use their services. For more information, visit Kids
  • Resolution services for health when the parent, carer or young person only has a concern or issue about the health element of the EHCP, it is the responsibility of Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group to work with the family to resolve this. For more information, visit Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group

Special educational needs and disability tribunal

If your issues remain unresolved despite the involvement of Kids, you have the option to proceed to the SEND tribunal. You will be asked to produce a copy of a certificate at the SEND tribunal which will demonstrate whether you have sought to resolve your issue through mediation.

For more information, email the team or contact them on 01325 289 350.

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