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Feedback, consultations and co-production


We are required to seek feedback on the Local Offer from parents and carers, children, young people and professionals, and publish an annual summary of the comments received. We are also required to publish what changes we have made as a result of this feedback.

We work with Our Voice Parent Forum to gather the views of parents and carers, and with young people's groups, such as the Inclusive Youth Group, Chill Out Club and CAMHS Young People's Participation Group. This feedback helps us to continue to improve our Local Offer. See our:

The review process is on-going and we need your opinion about our Local Offer so we can continue to improve it. In particular, we want to know how to improve the look and feel of our Local Offer, if it's clear and easy to understand, and how we can improve the services we provide.

Tell us what you think about our Local Offer


Co-production involves parents, carers, children, young people and professionals working together to create a service that works for all. Examples of this can be seen in our:

  • Local Offer, where parents, carers, children and young people are essential partners in its ongoing development
  • EHCP documentation, which has been influenced by the expertise and knowledge of parents and carers, through their representation on this work stream
  • training for parents and professionals on the conversion of Statements of SEN to EHCPs. Parents have both co-designed and co-delivered this training in partnership with professionals.
  • representation of parents on the SEND Project Steering Group and all the work streams, and their involvement in the strategic decision making
  • development of an electronic education, health and care needs assessment, where the views of parents, carers, and young people are continuously critical in developing and supporting the electronic assessment/plan