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Specialist support

Behaviour support services (including the secondary pupil referral unit) work in partnership with schools, parents and the council to support the inclusion of all children and young people, and support remove barriers to learning.

They assist children and young people experiencing social emotional behavioural difficulties (SEBD) and social emotional mental health difficulties (SEMH) to access successful learning opportunities. The team may also:

  • offer preventative interventions to support pupils at risk of exclusion
  • provide a support and training services in the primary sector and secondary sector
  • refer to the Enfield secondary tuition centre who work with learners in Key Stage three and four to ensure that young people receive a curriculum that enables them to reach their full potential


When considering whether to exclude pupils, Headteachers will look at all the evidence and decide whether the pupil did what they are accused of doing. A Headteacher can exclude for incidents that take place going to and from school, even if a pupil is involved in an incident outside school hours and still wearing school uniform.

For more information, visit the school’s website to view their behaviour policy.

Educational Psychologists work with parents and carers, education staff and other professionals to support the learning, wellbeing and mental health of children and young people up to the age of 25.

The EPS is the main provider of psychological services to Enfield schools and early years settings. They have direct links to services in education, health and social care which promotes a coordinated approach.

Who can get support

Schools can usually meet the special educational needs of children or young people, but if you’re concerned about your child’s learning, wellbeing or mental health, you should speak to the school first. They will talk to you about your concerns and discuss setting up a ‘Learning Support Plan’ or an ‘Individual Education Plan’.

The plan will include areas to improve on, possible outcomes and support that will help in school and at home. You will meet with the school to review the plan and progress your child is making.

During this process, the school or educational setting may want to involve the Educational Psychologist for further assessment and guidance. Schools purchase this service and prioritise in line with the needs of children in their school.

Children, young people and their families are eligible for support from an Educational Psychologist when any one of the following apply:

  • the EPS receives a formal request for a pre-school child living in Enfield from a professional e.g. an early years setting
  • the child or young person goes to an Enfield School that has purchased our Educational Psychology Service
  • the SEN service has asked for information and advice from the Educational Psychology Service as part of an Educational Health and Care Needs Assessment or to support the Education Health and Care Plan of a child or young person
  • the child or young person has been referred to another team which has asked for support from an Educational Psychologist e.g. HEART

An Educational Psychologist will only have direct involvement with a child or young person if there is written agreement from the parent or carer, or from the young person if over the age of 16.

The role of an Educational Psychologist includes:

  • being part of meetings with school staff, parents and professionals to hear about a pupil’s learning and their progress
  • working with staff in educational settings
  • observing and working with a child or young person in school
  • individual assessment to guide the support that would help the child or young person
  • training for staff and other professionals
  • providing parenting programmes
  • home visits where the child or young person is not in school
  • referrals to other agencies for further advice or support

Educational settings can purchase from the EPS. For more information, see our traded services page.

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