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Starting school

Children reach statutory school age in the academic year they become five years old. Enfield school admissions can provide information on how to apply for a reception school place. For more information, visit school admissions.

  • Community schools are managed by the council and not influenced by business or religion. They follow the national curriculum.
  • Faith schools are associated with a particular religion. They follow the national curriculum except for religious studies, where they are free to only teach about their own religion. The admissions criteria and staffing policies may be different, but anyone can apply for a place.
  • Academies are schools which are classed as independent state schools. They can determine their own policies on admissions, the curriculum, school hours, term dates and staff pay. They receive their funding directly from the government.
  • Free schools are new schools set up by parents, teachers, charities or businesses. They are funded by the taxpayer and are free to attend. They have the same freedoms as academies and receive their funding directly from the government.
  • Special schools are available if your child has severe or complex needs that can’t be met in a mainstream school. Special schools usually take children with particular types of special needs, such as profound and multiple disabilities or autistic spectrum disorder.

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