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Transitions and changing schools

A transition is when your child moves from one educational setting or phase to another, for example nursery to primary school.

Transitions are important in children’s lives and need to be carefully planned. During this time you and your child should be supported by staff at your child’s current educational setting. This can be done through meetings, liaising with support services, giving advice and visiting the new setting.

Unless a child has a proposed or final Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), parents must apply for a secondary school place through the coordinated admissions process on the application form provided by us.

Children with an EHCP moving from primary to secondary school

We are committed to ensuring that all children with special educational needs and disabilities have the opportunity to learn, play and develop alongside their peers so they have similar opportunities and life chances.

When your child is in year six, during the autumn term the SEN service will write to you with information relating to the secondary transfer process, outlining the steps in the process and the anticipated timeframes for completion. You will receive a proposed Statement or EHCP and be asked for two preferences of a secondary school you would like your child to transfer to. The SEN service will consult with your preferred schools as well as the one that is most local to your home address.

A secondary school must be named (written) in your child's EHCP by 15 February.

For more information see our guidance leaflet (PDF) or email SEN services.

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