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Young carers

DAZU's Young Carers Project helps with your added caring responsibilities at home, like looking after a relative who is disabled, ill, or has a mental health problem.

We can help with:

  • advocacy
  • counselling
  • free access to activities
  • leisure vouchers twice a year
  • newsletters written by young carers
  • trips

Our below I Care film was made by Young Carers who access holiday activities at DAZU. They talk about their caring responsibilities and what it’s like to be young carer:

If you're under 18 and in this position, or know someone who is, email dazu22@yahoo.com or contact us on 020 8373 2720.

Enfield Young People in Caring

Enfield Young People in Caring (EyPIC) is a service offered by the Enfield Carers Centre to support young people aged 5 to 18 looking after a parent, sibling or other close relative with:

  • a disability
  • a long-term illness
  • a mental health issue (such as depression)
  • a learning difficulty
  • a drug or alcohol problem

For more information visit the Enfield Carers Centre or call 020 8366 3677.

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