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Traded Services for schools

We are delighted to introduce you to Enfield's Traded Services for schools 2019-2020.

With the continual changes within the education sector and being conscious of the financial challenges facing schools and local authorities, we endeavour to deliver the very best value from our combined resources, and can offer a range of cost effective and responsive services to schools.

We have continued to review the systems being used with the aim of ensuring that these arrangements enable you to access our services in an efficient and effective way and meet our common goal of continuously raising standards and improve the life chances for the children and young people in Enfield.

Developments to the Enfield website and Schools Portal continue to advance to be able to provide you with all the information needed for your decision-making.

We are confident that our continued focus on seeking to improve our services and systems to support the delivery of these services will strengthen the relationships, effective partnerships and collaborations, which are already in place.

We would welcome your views and thoughts on the information provided on the traded services available for you to purchase, the services being delivered and any gaps in our provision. You can do this by emailing sangeeta.brown@enfield.gov.uk.

Tony Theodoulou, Executive Director Of People

View the full brochure of our Traded Services for schools in 2019/20 (PDF).

Express an interest in receiving this year's services

View the terms and conditions for our Traded Services in 2019/20 (PDF).