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Alley gates

Apply for alley gates

Alley gates are lockable gates at the entrances and exits to alleys. They can prevent crime such as burglary, rubbish dumping and other forms of antisocial behaviour.

We have an alley gating programme to reduce crime in the community. The application pack (PDF) explains the entire process and has all the required forms that you will need to complete.

The interested local resident will need to act as a coordinator and speak to neighbours to gain their support for the gates to be installed.

The coordinator will have to:

  • find out who owns the alley and if it is a Public Right of Way
  • put up a consultation notice and get consent forms from each resident and property owner that may be affected
  • return the completed application form along with all consent forms

If the application is successful, we will pay for the manufacture, installation and future maintenance of the alley gates. If the alley gates are for a commercial property only and not shared by local residents, the business will have to pay per gate, and are responsible for insurance and future maintenance.

Applying for alley gates can be a lengthy process.

Submit your completed form and documents by post to:

Alley Gating Officer
Environmental Protection Team
Enfield Council
Civic Centre
Silver Street