How to register to vote

You need to register to be able to vote in UK elections. You can do this at any time by visiting GOV.UK and using their online registration service. This will require your:

  • name
  • address
  • date of birth
  • National Insurance number

You can also register to vote by contacting Electoral Services on 020 8379 8588. You are not automatically registered to vote. To request a postal or proxy vote, view our how do I vote? page.

If you move or your details change, you should update us by visiting GOV.UK.

If your personal safety might be put at risk by being included in the electoral roll, you may be entitled to register to vote anonymously. You can apply by contacting Electoral Services on 020 8379 8588. If your application is successful, other members of your household may also register to vote anonymously.

Checking and updating your information

Every year between August and September we send out a Household Enquiry form asking you to check and update your information. This confirms who is registered to vote at your address and asks you to let us know of any changes needed.  Even if nothing has changed we still need to hear from you.

Complete our online form

This can be completed by anyone living in the household and is used to update the electoral register before we publish it on 1 December. You can also return this to us by freepost using the envelope provided.

When completing the form, you will be asked to enter the security code printed on your form. If you don’t have any changes, you can also contact the team on 0800 197 9871, or text NOCHANGE to 80212. 

Anyone to be added to the register will need to apply using the online registration service or by contacting Electoral Services on 020 8379 8588.

If we don’t get a response, we will send someone to help you complete the form.