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Future elections

The following elections are scheduled to take place in the next few years:

  • Mayor of London and London Assembly elections - Thursday 2 May 2024
  • Enfield Council elections - Thursday 5 May 2022

UK Parliamentary general elections

UK Parliamentary general elections are held every five years. As the last general election took place in December 2019, the next scheduled general election is due in 2024. However, a general election can be called at short notice anytime during a term of a government.

Mayor of London and London Assembly elections

The Mayoral and Assembly elections were scheduled to be held on 7 May 2020 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the term was extended to five years, with elections being held in 2021. The newly elected will serve only a three year term until the next election in 2024.

Council ward by-elections

A council ward by-election is usually held if a casual vacancy becomes available during the four-year term of elected councillors. This can be due to:

  • the death of a councillor
  • the resignation of a councillor
  • a councillor being disqualified or no longer qualified to remain elected

Parliamentary by-elections

A parliamentary constituency by-election is held if a vacancy becomes available during the term of a Parliament. This can be due to:

  • the death of a Member of Parliament (MP)
  • the early termination of an MP's membership of the House of Commons following a successful recall petition
  • an MP being disqualified or expelled from the House of Commons