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Publicity during elections

As a council, we have certain democratic responsibilities during an election that we must uphold in order not to privilege any candidate or party.

Generally, we must avoid:

  • proactive publicity of candidates and other politicians involved in the election
  • publicity that deals with controversial issues that could specifically be linked to a relevant election issue. Where this cannot be avoided, the publicity should present issues clearly and fairly, representing opposing points of view
  • publicity that reports views, proposals or recommendations in such a way that it identifies them with individual members or groups of members involved in the election

However, we can respond to events and legitimate service enquiries if the answers we give are factual and not political. We can also comment on a relevant issue where there is a genuine need for a member-level response to an important event outside of our control.

Generally, this means that during the election period we will:

  • exclude all quotes from and photographs of members involved in the election in press releases, publications and other published material
  • refrain from organising photo opportunities or events which could be seen as giving candidates, members or other political office holders directly involved in the election a platform for political comment
  • postpone publications, events or promotions until after the election if proceeding could give the appearance of supporting a political party or candidate involved in the election
  • not comment on matters of political controversy unless to refrain from comment would be harmful to our best interests
  • avoid references in publications to the period the Administration has been in office or to our future
  • not undertake any other activity which could be seen as being designed to benefit a particular political party or candidate involved in the election