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Animal welfare

We licence and inspect premises in Enfield to ensure they meet animal welfare and safety requirements.

You can report breaches of licensing conditions in pet shops, boarding kennels and riding schools.

We will assess your complaint and may contact you if we need further information.

If you want to report animal cruelty, contact the RSPCA.

Good animal welfare provides a range of direct and indirect benefits for both the animal and society, bringing joy to the lives of individuals, families and communities. The charter (PDF) sets out our policy and commitment towards a range of animal welfare issues. We aim to safeguard and promote the good health and wellbeing of animals, to keep them safe, happy and healthy.

For advice on keeping your pet warm, happy and safe during the cold weather visit the Blue Cross.

Many animals are frightened by fireworks. There are lots of simple things you can do to help your pet deal with fireworks. By preparing in advance you can help your pet cope better with the noises. You can find advice on pets and firework by visiting the RSPCA.