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Big London Energy Switch

Residents in Enfield can find cheaper deals on their gas and electricity through collective energy switching. This is a scheme which helps residents join together to secure lower energy prices by using a third party switching provider.

We have joined 18 other London boroughs to support London Councils to deliver the next phase of the Big London Energy Switch. The scheme covers around 1.8 million households in London, where an estimated 360,000 are in fuel poverty. It also aims to reduce bills for vulnerable residents.

Enfield residents who have switched energy suppliers have saved an average of £235 on their energy bills.

Residents can register for the Big London Energy Switch until midnight on Monday 20 May 2019.

On Tuesday 21 May, energy companies will participate in a reverse auction, whereby they bid against each other to offer the lowest tariffs. The company that offers the cheapest price will win the contract.

Offers from providers are expected from around Monday 3 June, though there is no obligation to accept the offer and switch your energy supplier. Savings will depend on how much energy you use, your current tariff and can include:

  • any termination fees or penalties from breaking your existing contracts
  • added payments after providing incorrect energy usage information

Find out more about how collective energy switching is a part of our Sustainable Enfield programme or visit the Big London Energy Switch.