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Climate action

Climate Action Enfield logo

Our Climate Action Plan 2020 (PDF) explains how we will become a carbon neutral organisation by 2030, and a carbon neutral borough by 2040. It sets out our current carbon emissions (our baseline) and the action we need to take to achieve our net zero targets. 

This new plan follows the previous successes we achieved through the delivery of our Sustainable Enfield Plan.

Watch our short film to find out more about our ambitious new plan.

Climate Action Plan Progress Report and Carbon Emissions Review 2020/21

The council has published the Climate Action Plan Progress Report 2020/21 (PDF) and supporting Carbon Emissions Review (PDF).

The Progress Report shows what was achieved in 2020/21, and the areas of work for 2021/22.

The report also gives an overview of the detailed Carbon Emissions Review. The Emissions Review shows a 19% reduction in emissions from the council and 2% reduction across the borough. It also outlines some of the key reasons for changes in emissions, and recognises the COVID-19 pandemic as a factor.

The publication of these documents is in line with our commitment to regularly report on progress, and aligns with our open and honest corporate values.

Carbon Emissions Review 2019/20

In line with the commitment in the Climate Action Plan, the council has published an annual review of carbon emissions for 2019/20 (PDF).

This review sets out performance and the actions that will be taken to improve monitoring information and accelerate delivery of the Climate Action Plan.

Get involved

We want as many people as possible involved in cutting carbon emissions and addressing climate change. We encourage you to:

  • speak to your local councillors about your ideas or comments
  • send us your questions and ideas by emailing climate.emergency@enfield.gov.uk
  • join future discussions in the coming months, including on the council's Facebook and Twitter pages
  • participate in our events, including tree and woodland planting

The Climate Action Plan is overseen by the Climate Change Task Force.

Our vision, as set out in our Climate Action Plan (PDF), is that by 2040 people who live or work in Enfield will have reduced the amount of waste they produce. No waste will end up in landfill, and waste will be used as a resource.

This will mean:

  • waste will be recycled or composted from all buildings in Enfield
  • businesses in Enfield will have reduced the plastic they sell to customers
  • everyone in Enfield will understand the importance of keeping resources in use for as long as possible, getting the highest possible value from them, and then recovering and regenerating products and materials at the end of their ‘service life’. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘circular economy.’
  • everyone will be encouraged to buy their food locally, and to use local land for growing food

Our Rubbish and Recycling page explains more about what goes into which bins and how you can recycle more effectively.

Enfield Council, along with partners such as the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) will from time to time host events to help those living and working in the borough to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle. View the latest events hosted by the NLWA.

We are committed to developing a planting programme across urban areas. We are also planting thousands of new trees as part of the Enfield Chase Restoration Project in the north of the borough.

The Enfield Chase Restoration project, led by Enfield Council, will create a publicly accessible and sustainable native broad-leaf woodland. This will initially come with a commitment to plant 100,000 trees by 2022. There are plans to extend the planting strategy even further across Enfield in the future.

The planting project will be delivered in partnership with Thames21 and is funded by the Mayor of London, Enfield Council and the Forestry Commission.

We have created a simple restoration map (PDF) setting out the scope of the project and a tree species leaflet (PDF) showing the native UK species that will be planted across 60 hectares.

Enfield Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Ian Barnes explains more in this short clip about the council’s plans.


Thames21 hosts regular volunteer planting and river restoration events. To volunteer, you must secure your place in advance. All volunteering activities are COVID-secure and conducted in line with government and public health guidance.

Enfield schools make up more than a quarter of the council’s carbon emissions. We are committed to supporting schools in reducing their carbon emissions and helping to influence behaviour change beyond the school gates. Together we can become a carbon neutral borough by 2040.

Read our Enfield Schools Climate Action Handbook (PDF) which has been created to support all Enfield schools on their climate action journey. It sets out some of the ways in which schools can take climate action, and provides information about helpful resources available from the council.

The handbook is for teaching staff, leadership teams, business managers, governors or any member of the school team working to make your school a more sustainable place.