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Sustainable Enfield

Sustainable Enfield logoSustainable Enfield aims to make the borough a great place to live and work. It tackles six key themes to improve and protect our communities:

  • Energy - a series of investments to save money, energy and carbon
  • Regeneration - investing in where we live and work
  • Economy - creating and protecting local jobs
  • Environment - cleaner air and better green spaces
  • Waste - re-using and recycling to reduce waste
  • Health - enabling healthier living

We are now refreshing our commitment to sustainability after we declared a Climate Change Emergency in July 2019.

Find out more about the work of the Climate Change Task Force.

We will update this web page when we publish our updated strategy.

Through a series of investments, we aim to save money, energy and carbon. For more information see our Sustainable Enfield infographic (PDF).


We are investing to improve the energy performance of 100 council buildings, adding to a £2.7 million investment in eleven schools and three corporate buildings that already generates over £400k annual energy bill savings. This is helping us reduce our carbon and greenhouse gas emissions each year in line with national and global targets. For more information, see our carbon page.

We also help residents to save money, energy and carbon. We used the Smart Homes project to insulate 343 homes and ECO funding to improve the energy performance of 101 flats at Scott House in Edmonton.

Being more energy efficient is a great way to save money. For example, turning appliances off at the plug can save around £30 a year. You can also find other simple ways to cut your energy bills at the Energy Saving Trust.

Local energy company

We have set up a local energy company called Energetik, with a vision to change the local energy market and become the supplier to trust.

Renewable energy

We have installed ground source heat pumps in four tower blocks at Exeter Road, saving 170 families 50% on their annual heating bills. An additional eight tower blocks at Kettering and Channel Isles are set to benefit later this year.

If you’ve already taken steps to make your home more energy efficient, you can install renewable energy measures and receive money for the energy they produce through schemes such as Feed-in tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive. The Energy Saving Trust website provides advice about choosing a renewable technology that suits your needs.

Tackling fuel poverty

For residents struggling to pay their fuel bills, we offer a free energy and money saving advice service.

Home visits are carried out by experts who advise residents on how to save money and keep their homes warm and cosy.

During the visit the qualified home energy advisor can:

  • install free, simple energy saving measures
  • give hints and tips on energy efficiency
  • help with getting the cheapest energy tariffs
  • make referrals for further improvements such as insulation or a new boiler
  • advise and help with benefits, money and bill problems 

To be eligible residents must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be on a low income
  • Receive tax credits
  • Receive housing benefits
  • Receive income or disability benefits
  • Have a long-term illness or disability 

The government places an Energy Company Obligation (ECO) on large energy suppliers to help households lower their energy bills and carbon emissions.

Under the ECO2t scheme, energy companies are required to achieve up to 10% of their affordable warmth targets through ECO Flexible Eligibility. We are working to make sure that eligible households will benefit from funding and help reduce fuel poverty in Enfield. View our flexible eligibility statement of intent (PDF).

For more information about our plan to help residents with their fuel bills, refer to our Warmer Homes fuel poverty action plan (PDF).

Save money by switching your energy supplier

The Big London Energy Switch is a collective energy switching scheme that has been running since 2013 to help residents reduce their energy bills. The scheme groups thousands of people interested in paying less for energy by switching to a new supplier. Energy companies then bid for the right to supply energy at the lowest price.

We are making better use of old industrial land to build more homes, create more jobs and improve the local environment.

We are building 10,000 new homes and creating 6,700 new jobs at Meridian Water. This £6 billion development includes a new train station that will provide services to central London and new public open spaces.

Existing housing estates are also being improved. Over 2,000 new energy efficient homes are being built for the estate renewal and investment programme.

For more information, visit Improving Enfield.

We have helped local businesses become accredited energy installers and assessors, creating London’s largest cluster of accredited energy retrofit businesses.

The Enfield Veg Co. aims to make locally-grown, organic produce more accessible and affordable to people living in Enfield. The company has a weekly vegetable box scheme, selling produce grown at Forty Hall and from other suppliers.

Enterprise Enfield is dedicated to helping people start and run new businesses as well as to develop and expand existing ones. It also provides support to enable people to become job-ready and find employment.

You can visit jobs and careers for:

  • careers advice
  • work placements
  • jobs at Enfield Council and other organisations

With over 900 hectares of green space, Enfield offers an oasis away from the bustle of London.

We are improving our rivers by installing Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. These will help to collect, store and clean excess water, before slowly releasing it to reduce flood risk.

Electric vehicle charging points have been installed in Enfield to ensure the borough is prepared for electric vehicles now and in the future.

We are encouraging everyone to recycle and reuse more of their waste. We have introduced food recycling to 9,000 extra flats and installed 350 communal food recycling bins on estates. For more information on reusing waste, refer to our how you can prevent waste.

When Enfield’s roads are replaced we use recycled material. This saves money, energy and carbon, as well as reducing traffic congestion.

We also address reduce, reuse, recycle through our purchasing and have a sustainable procurement action plan in place.

We are helping our residents move more, eat well, drink less and stop smoking. For more information, visit Healthy Enfield.

We are also investing £42 million in Cycle Enfield to help people travel by bike and exercise more often.