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Commercial chimneys and furnaces

We regulate commercial chimneys and furnaces to protect the wellbeing of our community.

You will need approval to change the height of your chimney. Chimneys must be high enough to not affect air quality on the ground.

You must also get approval first to use a commercial chimney and furnace that:

  • burn pulverised fuel
  • burn solid matter at a rate of 45.4kg or more an hour
  • burn liquid or gas at a rate equivalent to 366.4kw or more

In addition, you will need to install a grit-and-dust arrestment plant.

You will not need approval for a commercial chimney if it is:

  • a temporary replacement (e.g. if a boiler or furnace is being repaired)
  • a temporary source of heat or power for building works
  • an auxiliary plant to bring the main plant up to operating temperatures
  • a mobile source of heat or power for agricultural purposes

Contact us on 020 8370 1000 or environmental.health@enfield.gov.uk to build or change a chimney and furnace.