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Food safety and hygiene

If you have a food safety concern, you should speak with the business or manufacturer first to resolve the issue.

We will only investigate complaints where there is a high public health risk.

This includes certain infectious diseases (ie E. coli), evidence of pests in food business and complaints where a contaminant in food has caused injury (ie glass in your food). We will also investigate food poisoning where we have a confirmed laboratory stool sample and there is more than one ill person, or they are in an ‘at risk’ category (ie under five or elderly).

We don’t investigate claims of food sold after the ‘best before’ date, as this only means food will be at its best quality up to that date. It’s not illegal to sell food after the ‘best before’.

If we receive a high risk complaint and there is a home or primary authority relationship with the company, we will pass it onto them to investigate and take action. This may take up to six weeks. We can’t carry out an investigation without the food and packaging to examine, so you will need to provide them.

Most complaints we receive are resolved informally after the companies are contacted.

If you want to take further private action, the council won’t be able to help. We also cannot help with refunds for food.

More information can be found on Food Standards or GOV.UK.

Report a food safety or hygiene problem

Food hygiene inspections

We carry out regular food safety inspections on all food businesses in Enfield.

The frequency of these inspections is based on a risk assessment, taking into account the:

  • type of food and method of handling
  • method of processing
  • consumers at risk
  • level of current compliance
  • confidence in management and control systems
  • risk of food being contaminated

Premises that pose a higher risk will be inspected more often. Inspections range from every six months to every five years.

The Food Standards Agency Code of Practice is used for the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, where businesses are rated from 5 to 0. Those rated from 2 to 0 are deemed non-compliant.

Businesses can appeal against the rating or request a re-inspection. It is free to appeal but re-inspection costs £292 per visit. The rating may stay the same.

To request a re-inspection or make an appeal, visit Food Standards Agency to download a form and email environmental.health@enfield.gov.uk.

Re-inspections will be carried out within three months of receiving the request, evidence of works done and proof of payment.

You will need to enter the information below when making a payment:

  • Payment amount (£) = 292.00
  • All information relating to your payment = ES0029 67662
  • Description of payment = name of premises and date of inspection