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Foxes are classed as wild animals, not pests and we are unable to remove them from private or public property.

You should not poison foxes as this can put other animals and people at risk. For help with foxes, the British Pest Control Association can help you find a pest control professional. You will be responsible for all costs of the service you use.

As the territory of a fox can be reoccupied by another, deterrence methods are more effective and less costly than pest control. The Fox Project offers practical advice on safe and humane deterrents.

Foxes can also be deterred if you:

  • keep bin lids closed and put out on correct collection day
  • store bins against a wall or somewhere foxes cannot easily knock them over
  • don’t leave food outside or on compost heaps
  • clean up after BBQs and picnics
  • clear overgrown gardens which could provide resting areas
  • use a non-toxic animal repellent, such as Scoot or Stay Off (it may take weeks of constant application to deter the foxes)

For more advice on deterring foxes, view our red fox leaflet (PDF).