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Thames Water smart metering programme

Due to the water shortage in the South East of England, Thames Water will be installing smart water meters across Enfield.

Metering formed a key part of Thames Water’s 25 year programme of managing water resources and was approved by the Government in 2012. As such they have the legal powers to fit water meters on a compulsory basis.

Work on this programme began in summer 2015, and the aim is to fit approximately 52,000 smart water meters across Enfield over the next few years. This programme will to help reduce overall water usage and improve leakage detection.

Meters are the fairest way to pay for your water, as you only pay for what you use. Customers with a meter use around 12% less water. Smart meters also allow you to view your water usage online, so you have greater control over your water bills, see how efficient your household is, and track your water-saving efforts.

For more information on metering, view our getting your smart meter document (PDF) , or visit Thames Water metering.

The process for installing meters

In 2015 Thames Water began writing to advise residents that a meter will be installed approximately four weeks after the letter. A booklet is also included, containing information about moving to a smart meter account. By the end of this year, all residents will have received this.

Thames Water have also been visiting residents at home, to make sure they know about the smart metering programme and answer any questions. All Thames Water staff carry ID badges, however if you are unsure whether someone works for Thames Water, you can call the metering contact centre on 0800 316 0989. All Thames Water staff will be happy to wait while you do this.

Unless Thames Water have booked an appointment with you, you don’t need to be home for the installation, as they aim to fit meters in the pavement or road. They will need to turn your water supply off for around 20 minutes while they do this. If you are in, they’ll let you know first.

In some cases, they may also need to fit a plastic box to encase the meter. They will then return to screw in your meter within a few days. If they are unable to fit a meter outside your home, they will make an appointment with you to look for an alternative location which may be under your driveway, or inside your home.

Once your meter is fitted, Thames Water will check for leaks and ensure your meter is reading accurately before writing to provide more information, including your activation date. This is when you will start your two-year transition onto a water metered account.

Support for a meter bill

To help make the change to a meter as easy as possible, Thames Water will:

  • help you adjust – you will not be moved on to a metered account until two years after your meter is activated, to give you time to understand your water use and charges
  • keep in touch – Thames Water will send you comparison bills so you can see how a meter can impact your bill and if you can save money by switching to a meter early
  • help you save water, energy and money – once your meter has been fitted you can sign up for a free Smarter Home Visit, during which free water-saving devices will be fitted, and you will receive advice on how to reduce your water bills
  • credit your account – if Thames Water find your metered bill to be lower than your unmetered charges, they’ll credit your account with the difference if you ask to switch within the first year
  • fix any leaks they find on your supply pipe free of charge
  • provide extra support and financial assistance for customers in hardship, through a number of schemes and tariffs

For more information, visit Thames Water support.