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Adaptations are alterations to your home that an Occupational Therapist (OT) has recommended to help you live as independently as possible. They can be inside or outside your home.

Any Enfield Council tenant or household member who is having difficulty with their daily functional activities or accessing their home, is entitled to be referred or to refer themselves for an assessment of their need. Leasehold residents can also access the above service, and we will consider reasonable adaptation recommendations to the communal areas.

How to access the service

Most residents can access the service through assessment and recommendation from an OT. To refer yourself for this service contact:

  • If you live in Enfield – Enfield Council, Social Services OT Service. Visit our adult social care page. We will ask you to fill in a referral form and if you’re eligible, we will contact you with an appointment for an assessment.
  • If you live in Hertfordshire – Hertfordshire Council, Social Services OT Service. Visit Hertfordshire Council. They will ask you to fill in a referral form and if you’re eligible, they will contact you with an assessment appointment.

How long adaptations take to complete

When the OT carries out the assessment they will prioritise you based on your clinical need.

The priorities are, from receipt of their recommendations:

  • Priority one - most urgent adaptations, where we will try to complete the work within eight to twelve weeks
  • Priority two - less urgent cases, where we will try to complete the work within four months
  • Priority three – standard adaptations cases, where we will try to complete the work within six months

Sometimes we will be unable to meet these timescales, however we will keep you updated about delays.

Extensions and complicated work will take longer than six months, regardless of the priority.

What to expect from contractors

We ask for many specific requirements from the contractors that we employ to carry out adaptations work to your home or block. We require our contractors to:

  • provide you with contact details of their operatives involved in work on your home
  • provide you with a schedule of proposed work
  • treat your home and lifestyle with respect and due care
  • complete the work quickly and as far as practically possible continuously

Let us know how it goes

We will provide you with a satisfaction survey form with prepaid envelope, and ask you to complete and return to us.

More information

If you need support or want to know more about the adaptations service, email adaptations@enfield.gov.uk.

Who will be involved?

Firstly, an Occupational Therapist (OT) will assess your need. If they recommend an adaptation, our Adaptations Manager can advise what this will mean. The OT will also explain why they have recommended the adaptation/s.

What if my needs change?

Your OT will need to review your situation to ensure that your needs are correctly assessed. Even if you have already been assessed, you should contact your OT and advise them of any changes.

I’m struggling to use my bath, kitchen cupboards, stairs and doors at my home, can I have an adaptation?

Possibly, and your OT will assess your clinical need. They may recommend you trial some equipment to help you with day-to-day activities before an adaptation is agreed.

How will I know people calling at my home are from Enfield Council?

Anyone calling at your home: one of our officers, a surveyor or contractor, will all have identification. Do not allow anyone into your home that cannot prove their identity. If in doubt, always contact Enfield Council to check that everything is correct.

Why are assessments given different priorities?

The priority is set because of your clinical need, the more urgent the case, the higher the priority. For example, adaptations to help with terminal health care support will be classified as priority one. Sometimes, two similar adaptations in neighbouring homes may have different priority assessments.

What if it is not practical or possible to adapt my home?

Where we cannot meet your clinical need with your existing home, we will consider other options which may include re-housing. Sometimes, we may consider extending a home to meet the clinical need.

What will Enfield Council expect from me?

You should ensure you make your OT aware of any changes to your clinical need and any prescribed medication. Please complete your satisfaction survey when the work is finished. This helps us to monitor ours and our contractors’ performance.

What will contractors working on my home expect from me?

You need to keep appointments and provide access to allow them to carry out their work. Please don’t smoke inside your home while the operatives are there. You will need to move fragile and important items. Please keep pets away and do not enter the work area yourself, unless the contractor says that it is safe to do so.

What information will I receive?

We will write to you to confirm that we have received your OT recommendation and that we plan to carry out adaptations to your home. We will let you know when a contractor has been appointed and supply their name. The contractor will then contact you to arrange a start date for the work.