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Council or housing association tenants wanting to move


If you’re short two or more bedrooms in your home, this is severely overcrowded. In these situations, we visit you to assess you and your family. We may award you priority for housing, but this doesn’t mean we will be able to help you with a larger home. You should consider:

  • swapping your home with another tenant through HomeSwapper
  • seeing if it’s possible to move through Housing Moves
  • moving to a private rented home of your choice using our rent deposit scheme Fresh Start

Your home is too large for you

Enfield's Allocations scheme gives high priority to tenants who would like to move out of a home which is too large for them. You can get help with your housing situation.

You want to move out of Enfield

You can look at the same options for moving set out for overcrowded tenants, or join the Housing Register of other councils.

Tenants of other housing associations and councils

If you already live in Enfield, you can apply to our Housing Register by contacting your landlord. If you are a housing association tenant or a tenant of another council and want to live in Enfield, we may be able to help if there are exceptional circumstances. These are emergency cases requiring an urgent move (e.g. through the National Witness Mobility Scheme) and are approved by our Exceptions and Special Applications housing panel.

Tenants of housing associations and other councils who would like to move to Enfield may want to swap their home with another tenant through HomeSwapper.

We have a quota of studio and one-bedroom council homes available for the children of existing Enfield Council tenants.

You may qualify if:

  • You are single, or a childless couple

And you can answer yes to all of the following questions:

  1. Are you between 25 and 60 years of age?
  2. Are you living with parent(s) in a home owned by Enfield Council?
  3. Has your parent(s) lived in a home owned by Enfield Council for at least three years?
  4. Have you lived with your parent(s) continuously for at least three years?
  5. Is your parent's home severely overcrowded?

And no to all of the following questions:

  1. Can you afford to rent privately or buy a home?
  2. Do you rent or own a home elsewhere?
  3. Have you ever owned or rented a home elsewhere?

You can get help with your housing situation. If we confirm that you are eligible, your application will be placed on Enfield's Housing Register.

You have a right to request a review of some decisions we have made about your housing application, including:

  • facts taken into account when assessing the application
  • number of points allocated to an application
  • whether or not you’re eligible to join the housing register
  • which housing group you've been placed in
  • less priority for housing because of rent arrears
  • refusing an offer of a council or housing association home
  • removing an application from the housing register

You should request a review in writing within 15 working days of the date of your decision letter and email to housingreviews@enfield.gov.uk.