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Renting from the council or a housing association

There is a high demand for council and housing association homes in Enfield. There are more applicants on the housing register than the number of social housing properties available. There are about 4,000 applicants on the housing register, with an annual forecast of only 602 properties this year of which 259 are one-bedroom and 222 are two-bedroom properties. For families who require three bedrooms or more, we forecast only 121 properties becoming available for 2019/2020. For more information see our Annual Lettings Plan PDF.

See information on social rented homes in Enfield.

Living in private rented accommodation or with friends and family

If you're living in privately rented accommodation or with friends and family and are not overcrowded or don't have a medical issue, your application to join the housing register may be unsuccessful.

Referring a client on to the housing register

If you’re one of our partnering agencies and want to refer a client onto the housing register, you will need to select ’I need to refer a client onto Enfield’s Housing Register’.

Our partnering agencies are:

  • Age UK Enfield
  • Christian Action Housing Association
  • Council Housing
  • Foster Carer Team
  • Learning Difficulties Team
  • London & Quadrant Housing Trust
  • Mental Health Support Services
  • Metropolitan
  • Newlon Housing
  • North London Muslim Housing Association
  • Notting Hill Genesis
  • One Housing Group
  • Optivo
  • Origin Housing
  • Paradigm Housing Group
  • Riverside / English Churches Housing Group
  • Sanctuary Housing
  • Viridian Housing
  • Clarion Housing Group
  • Tamil Housing

 If you’re not on our list of partnering agencies, select ‘I need advice about Enfield Council’s Housing Register’.

If you have started and saved a housing application, you can retrieve your application below.

After your application is placed on Enfield's housing register

If your application is accepted we will give you access to our online bidding system Home Connections. You will be given a user ID and password (ten digits). If you require a password reset for Home Connections, email HSGallocations@enfield.gov.uk with your user ID. View information for bidders.

Council or housing association tenants who want to move

If you're a council or housing association tenant and your home is under occupied, overcrowded or you have a medical issue, you should contact your neighbourhood officer to see if you're eligible for a transfer.

You may not be eligible for a transfer if you have rent arrears or an Antisocial Behaviour Order against you.

Applications can take up to eight weeks to process and you will receive an outcome of the assessment in writing.

For more information see council or housing association tenants who want to move.

Living in temporary accommodation

If we placed you into temporary accommodation after 9 November 2012, the law allows us to make you an offer of a private rented tenancy. You have more chance of being offered private rented accommodation than a council or housing association home. See figures below for households who applied as homeless after 9 November 2012.

 Tenancies offered between April 2018 and March 2019
Accommodation type Private accommodation Social housing
Studio flat

If you want to be considered for one of the properties advertised on Home Connections, you will need to place a bid. It is important you read our bidding guide (PDF) for information before placing a bid.

To place a bid visit Home Connections.

Houses with gardens will normally only be offered to families with children under the age of 15. Therefore if an applicant is successful in joining the register but does not meet this criterion, they will only be considered for flats and maisonettes.

Most general needs properties advertised will have a priority for one of the preference groups below:

  • Group 1 - Existing council and housing association tenants
  • Group 2 - Estate regeneration tenants with decant status
  • Group 3 - Special applications and quotas
  • Group 4 - Households in accommodation provided by Enfield Council owed a full housing duty under the homelessness law

Group 4 applicants are not awarded additional points for health and well-being issues.

Housing Allocation Scheme

Our Housing Allocation Scheme gives information on how we assess and allocate council and housing association homes.

Choice Based Lettings results

Our Housing Allocation Scheme gives information on how we assess and allocate council and housing association homes.

If you don't agree with our decision about your housing application, you can request a review of your housing register application.