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Under occupation

If your home is too big and you move to smaller accommodation, we offer £750 towards your removal costs. There are many benefits to downsizing, such as spending less money on heating and bills. If you wish to discuss any of the options below, contact the under occupation officer on 020 8375 8311.

Seaside and country homes

If you are over 55 and considering living by the sea or in the country, flats and bungalows are available through the Seaside and Country Homes Scheme

Housing moves and Homeswapper

If you are thinking about moving within Enfield, to other part of London, or outside London, visit Housing Moves or our swapping your home page, to find out how you can swap your home with another council tenant.

Sheltered housing

We offer sheltered housing for people over 55 or with disabilities, to help them live independently. If you are interested, you will be asked about your support needs. For more information, contact your sheltered housing manager.