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Help with housing repairs

Tenants renting from a private landlord have the right to a decent standard of home, free from health and safety risks. If you are a private tenant and are having problems with disrepair contact our Housing Enforcement team on 020 8379 1000, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Housing inspections

Our team works to improve housing conditions for tenants renting privately in the borough. Housing Enforcement Officers liaise with landlords and agents to fix disrepair. If the landlord is reluctant or refuses to carry out reported repairs, enforcement action may be taken.

The Department for Communities and Local Government have produced a repairs guide for landlords and tenants (PDF).

Preventing repair problems

A common problem that arises in many homes is condensation and mould growth. To prevent condensation:

  • reduce moisture levels when cooking, cover boiling pans and don’t leave kettles boiling
  • dry washing outside or use the bathroom with the window open and the door shut
  • don’t dry washing on radiators
  • if you use a tumble dryer, make sure it’s ventilated to the outside air
  • avoid using portable gas or paraffin heaters
  • always keep the house warm and ventilated
  • when using the bathroom and kitchen, keep the doors shut
  • regularly check spots where air circulation is poor, for example, behind furniture and inside cupboards

Black mould is caused by condensation and can be removed with fungicides available in most DIY stores. After treatment and removal, the affected areas can be redecorated using anti-fungal paint. If wallpaper is affected, it’s best to remove it and treat the wall. Damaged plaster may need to be removed, affected clothing should be dry cleaned and carpets should be shampooed and dried.