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Housing Allocation Scheme

Our Housing Allocation Scheme 2012-2017 gives detailed information for allocating council and housing association homes in Enfield 2012-2017. For more information, view our revised Enfield Allocation Scheme 2012-2017 (PDF) or our Annual Lettings Plan for 2020-2021 (PDF).

Main changes

We have revised our Housing Allocation Scheme to award points and give reasonable preference to:

  • applicants who became homeless after 9 November 2012. They will be awarded 200 points
  • applicants with no other housing need, who are assessed by us as having low or medium health needs. They will be awarded 50 points and 150 points respectively

Further details on the changes can be seen in the revised scheme:

  • Applicants who became homeless post 9 November 2012 - see pages 21, 26, 27, 37.
  • Applicants with no other housing need, who are assessed by us as having a low or medium health needs – see pages 30, 34, 36.

The changes will take effect after our IT changes allow us to calculate the points awarded to housing applications. After making our IT changes, we will write to all homeless applicants in temporary accommodation to confirm that points have been awarded to their application. We will also assess and award medical points to new applications.

We will keep you updated through our website on the dates that the changes take effect.