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Housing renewal schemes

Seven small council-owned sites provide 94 new homes across the borough. These consist of:

  • 52 affordable rent (39 from the council and 13 from North London Muslim Housing Association)
  • 18 private sale by Enfield Innovations Ltd
  • 12 shared ownership with the council (including two wheelchair-adapted flats)
  • 8 London Living Rent from North London Muslim Housing Association
  • 4 shared equity flats with the council (including 2 wheelchair-adapted flats)

Planning permission was obtained with the help of the architectural practice HTA.

Enfield Council demolished a number of outdated and difficult to let sheltered blocks, a disused pub and some disused garages to provide quality affordable homes. We secured a Greater London Authority grant to support the scheme. The housing was designed to London Housing Design Guide standards and incorporated timber frame modern methods of construction (MMC).

The sites at St George’s Road, Parsonage Lane and Tudor Crescent were delivered by the council’s development partner Kier Project Investments. The sites at Forty Hill, Lavender Hill, Jasper Close, and Holtwhites Hill were delivered by the contractor Claritas.

For project information, or information in another language, email housingrenewal@enfield.gov.uk.

Parsonage Lane

Personage Lane properties

  • Four residential terraces 2.5 storeys high, with 3-storey bespoke units to provide 29 homes in total across all blocks
  • Three of the four terraces were completed in January 2017, including 14 houses and two flats for affordable rent by the council, one private sale house and one wheelchair-adapted flat for shared ownership from the council
  • The final block of ten homes includes seven houses for private sale by Enfield Innovations Ltd, two flats for affordable rent and one wheelchair-adapted flat for shared ownership sale by the council. This block was completed in July 2019.
  • There is also solar PV panels, off-street parking, electric vehicle charging points and associated landscaping and amenity space

St George's Road

St George's Road properties

  • A 2.5 storey residential terrace with three x 4-bedroom family townhouses for affordable rent from the council
  • Off-street parking spaces, solar PV panels, and associated landscaping
  • Completed on 5 September 2016

Tudor Crescent

Artist impression of Tudor Crescent properties

  • Tudor Crescent consists of 15 new-build properties. Two residential buildings including a 2.5-storey terrace of council-owned houses for affordable rent along Blossom Lane, and a 3-storey residential building of flats between Tudor Crescent and Blossom Lane for London Living Rent by North London Muslim Housing Association. Completed in October 2019.
  • There are nine 2-bedroom flats and six affordable rented family homes consisting of four 3-bedroom houses and two 4-bedroom houses
  • There is also solar PV panels, off-street parking, associated landscaping and amenity space

Holtwhites Hill

Artist impression of Holtwhites Hill properties

  • A mews development of eight new homes for affordable rent. Completed in September 2019.
  • Includes four 2-bedroom semi-detached houses for affordable rent by North London Muslim Housing Association, and a 3-storey residential building with two 3-bedroom maisonettes and two 1-bedroom flats for affordable rent from the council
  • There is also eight off-street parking spaces, solar PV panels, electric vehicle charging points, and associated landscaping and amenity space

Forty Hill

Artist impression of Forty Hill properties

  • A three-part residential terrace in a conservation area of 2.5 and 3-storeys, with nine homes for private sale by Enfield Innovations Ltd. Completed in October 2019.
  • There are six 4-bedroom and two 3-bedroom houses, and one 3-bedroom maisonette
  • There is also an off-street parking court, electric vehicle charging points, and associated landscaping and amenity space

Jasper Close

Artist impression of Jasper Close properties

  • A residential development of eighteen new homes within three residential buildings. The homes were completed in October 2019.
  • There are eight properties for affordable rent, which includes three 2-bedroom and one 3-bedroom wheelchair-adapted flats, and two 3-bedroom and two 4-bedroom houses
  • Ten properties are shared equity sale, which includes three 1-bedroom, six 2-bedroom and one 3-bedroom flats
  • There are also six off-street parking spaces, solar PV panels, electric vehicle charging points, and associated landscaping and amenity space

Lavender Hill (freehold owner North London Muslim Housing Association)

Artist impression of Lavendar Hill properties

  • A detached corner residential building with twelve new build flats. Completed in October 2019
  • There are eight flats for affordable rent from a housing association (two 1-bedroom and six 2-bedroom flats) and four for shared equity sale (three 1-bedroom and one 2-bedroom flats, with two being wheelchair-adapted) from the council
  • There is also off-street parking, solar PV panels, electric vehicle charging points, and associated landscaping and amenity space

Artist impression of Alma Estate properties

The Alma Estate scheme

We are working in partnership with the developer Countryside Properties to deliver 993 new homes as part of the redevelopment of the Alma Estate in Ponders End. The new homes will be a mix of council homes, private sale and shared ownership. There will also be a provision for new retail units, a gym, medical centre and community facilities.

All new homes will be connected to the Ponders End heat network, with low carbon heating and hot water supplied by our energy company Energetik.

The redevelopment of the Alma Estate will boost the profile of Ponders End, one of our priority areas for investment. This is currently our largest housing estate renewal scheme and together with other projects in the area, will help the wider regeneration of Ponders End.

Project update

Countryside Properties submitted a planning application in November 2019 with the proposal to increase the number of homes on the estate from 993 to 1086. The planning application was deferred at Planning Committee on 7 July 2020. We are now reviewing the application with Countryside and further updates will follow once we agree how to proceed.

Second artist impression of Alma Estate properties

Phase 1

228 new homes and a retail unit have been built. This phase included 97 council owned homes that have been allocated to residents already living on the Alma Estate.

Phase 2A

The demolition of Cormorant House and Merlin House is currently underway. Both blocks are due to be demolished by early 2021. The site will deliver 192 new homes for Enfield Council, Newlon Housing and private sale by Countryside. New retail units will also be provided.

Phase 2A(i)

This is located next to Ponders End station and will see the delivery of 82 new privately-owned homes, a new medical centre and an energy centre. The construction of this phase is currently underway and is due to be completed early 2021.

Phase 2A(ii)

This includes existing Welcome Point and youth centre, and will be delivered in two sub-phases.

The first sub-phase will see the delivery of the new youth centre, which is expected to complete in early 2021.

The new youth centre will have the following facilities:

  • Boxing and fitness
  • Indoor activities including football, basketball and badminton
  • Music studio with live instrument practice area
  • Mechanical workshop and bike maintenance area
  • Media suite

The second sub-phase will deliver a new community centre with 66 new homes above.

Details on later phases will be confirmed further along the programme.

Re-housing residents

Existing secure council tenants on the estate will be able to move into a new build home on the new development, or bid on the Choice Based Lettings system to find another home within the borough. 

If you have any queries, email decant.team@enfield.gov.uk.


Public inquiry

A public inquiry into the compulsory purchase of property and land at the Alma Estate was held in July 2017. The Alma Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) has now been fully approved by the Secretary of State. You can view the CPO documentation by visiting Alma Estate GVA.

For more information see:

Bullsmoor Lane

In February 2020, Enfield Council acquired the site with planning permission to build a 3-storey block of 27 flats for mixed tenure.

We plan to redesign the scheme to deliver an increased number of units and make it 100% affordable.

We aim to have a new planning application submitted early 2021. Proposals will be available here before they are submitted, and neighbouring residents will be consulted as part of the planning application process.

Bury Street West artist's impression

In February 2020 planning permission was given for the redevelopment of a former depot site at Bury Street West. The site, comprising of derelict buildings and hard standing, has been neglected for many years and attracted antisocial behaviour. Although the site is set within an area classified Metropolitan Open Land, the site itself is classified as previously developed brownfield land.

The surrounding area is urban, but the development site lies within a pocket of open green space, including a park, wetland nature reserve and bowls club. The development will be suburban in nature, comprising of 50 high-quality semi-detached houses:

  • 25 houses will be for private sale
  • 25 houses will be for London Affordable Rent (LAR)
  • All houses will have gardens
  • 64% (32 houses) will be family homes
  • 10% (5 homes) will be wheelchair accessible

Given the setting, the homes will look like simple barn like structures within a field. Towards the south of the site, next to Salmon’s Brook and the wetland, will be a large natural meadow seeded and left to colonise with native plants and animals. This will act as a buffer to protect the wildlife of the brook and wetland. Within the meadow will be areas of natural play for children.

Protecting wildlife is always a concern when building homes within such locations. Ecology surveys have taken place for:

  • bats
  • water voles
  • otters
  • reptiles
  • invertebrates
  • kingfishers
  • other birds

No special habitats have been identified within these studies. However, kingfisher habitats will be enhanced through increased tree planting along the bank of Salmon's Brook.

Bird and bat boxes will be put in place within the development. Cut down trees will be placed in the meadow to provide invertebrate habitats.

Artist impression of Dujardin Mews

The Dujardin Mews scheme

Dujardin Mews is a development of 38 homes for local people in Ponders End. The scheme was built for the council by Durkan Ltd and completed on 6 February 2017. The street is named after Enfield double gold medallist, Charlotte Dujardin and is the first council developed and managed scheme in the borough since the 1980s.

Designed to a very high standard it is a modern interpretation of a traditional London residential street. It includes a mixture of spacious town houses, flats and maisonettes built to Lifetime Homes and higher than GLA minimum floor areas. Nineteen of the homes are for affordable rent and nineteen for shared equity sale and they have been made available for tenants and leaseholders from the Alma Estate, which is being demolished and regenerated.

The homes meet either Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 or 5 with either rooftop courtyard terraces or traditional gardens. Other features include sustainable drainage, green roofs, excellent daylighting, efficient ventilation, solar PV panels and high insulation standards to save on running costs and reduce their environmental impact. Furthermore, some of the homes have been specially adapted for wheelchair users.

Dujardin Mews has been awarded a RIBA London Award 2017, RIBA National Award 2017 and RIBA London Client of the Year Award 2017 (sponsored by Tobermore). To find out more visit RIBA Architecture.

Electric Quarter

The Electric Quarter is a two-hectare (five acre) development on Ponders End High Street, delivered in partnership with Lovell.

The development will see the construction of 167 new homes, and over one thousand square metres of commercial and community space in two phases.


Phase one

The first phase delivered 61 homes and includes:

  • 40 private sale town houses
  • 21 affordable rent homes, including a communal rooftop play area

Phase two

The second phase is anticipated to complete by spring 2021, and will deliver:

  • 106 homes
  • a nursery
  • a library
  • commercial units

Upon completion the council will acquire 75 of the homes for social tenants and key workers, bringing the level of affordable homes on the scheme to over 47%. The registered provider of the scheme (North London Muslim Housing Association) will acquire the remaining 31 homes. 11 homes have been completed so far.

Artist impression of Exeter Road

Exeter Road is an estate in Ponders End, on the edge of Durants Park.

We want to provide much-needed new affordable homes among the existing buildings on the estate. The proposals will also include improvements to the estate.

The masterplan for the scheme is split into three phases:

  • Phase 1 - construction of new affordable homes on the unused patch of scrubland at the south-eastern end of Exeter Road. Construction is planned to start in late 2021.
  • Phase 2 - refurbishment and extension of Ashburton House, and construction of affordable homes along Exeter Road in front of the tower blocks, including refurbishment of the parking structures. Construction is planned to start in early 2022.
  • Phase 3 - refurbishment and extension of Crediton House, and construction of affordable homes along Exeter Road in front of the tower blocks, including refurbishment of the parking structures. Construction is planned to start in mid-2022.

There are currently no plans to demolish or refurbish existing homes as part of this scheme. It's proposed that existing estate residents will be given priority on moving into the new homes through a local lettings plan.

The Housing Development team have started consulting with residents from the estate and surrounding properties. The first consultation material was hand delivered in December 2020.

View the newsletter and feedback form - December 2020 consultation (PDF).

The next round of consultation is planned for May 2021.

Because we are unable to hold in-person consultation events due to COVID-19 social distancing rules, we will give residents an opportunity to have their say online, through newsletters and virtual meetings.

Please note that these proposals are subject to planning approvals.

Online consultation meetings

We will be hosting two online consultation meetings using Zoom on Tuesday 18 May 2021.

Joining instructions for 12:30pm to 1:30pm meeting: Joining instructions for 4pm to 6pm meeting:

View the newsletter and feedback form - May 2021 consultation (PDF).

Artist impression Gatward Green

In December 2016, planning permission was granted to redevelop three garage sites on Gatward Green.

The development will see the demolition of the garages to provide new homes for affordable rent and other facilities, consisting of:

  • new parking spaces
  • cycle parking
  • landscaping (site one)
  • seven x 2-bedroom houses (site two)
  • five x 3-bedroom houses (site three)

We have now completed the tender process and confirm the appointed contractor is Ark Build PLC. It is expected the main construction works will begin in June 2020 and complete in summer 2021.

As part of our Housing Development and Estate Renewal Improvement Programme, HTA Design LLP was appointed to study the estate and develop scheme proposals with residents.

Following this, it was decided that the full redevelopment proposal favoured by residents can be delivered, and we have some initial ideas for the new homes and estate.

This means that we are now ready to progress to the next phase of the project, in partnership with residents.

As residents, we want you to work with us to influence the design and help shape the initial ideas. Once we have a plan and an offer for every existing resident, you will decide on whether the redevelopment goes ahead.

To find out more information, view the Joyce Avenue and Snell’s Park Estate newsletter (PDF).

Get involved

From Monday 6 to Friday 17 January (excluding Sunday 12 January), there will be an exhibition of initial design ideas at Boundary Hall on Snell's Park. You can drop in to meet the Joyce Avenue and Snell's Park team and ask questions. The exhibition will be open between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Saturday, with late opening until 6.30pm on Thursday 9 January and Thursday 16 January. The team will also be knocking on doors so everyone gets the chance to have their say.

Further information

We appointed Source Partnership as the Independent Tenant and Leaseholder Advisor for residents of Joyce Avenue and Snell’s Park in July 2018. They worked with tenants and leaseholders to set up a Residents Steering Group. You can view more information at Joyce and Snell’s.

Artist impression of Ladderswood/Montmerency Park properties

The redevelopment of the Ladderswood Way estate and adjoining New Southgate industrial estate is a project of major importance for us and our regeneration ambitions.

Ladderswood Way estate in New Southgate was built in the 1970s and consisted of 161 homes. It's one of the first projects to be delivered out of the New Southgate Masterplan and will provide great benefits to the area and will be marketed as Montmorency Park.

In February 2014, planning permission was granted for the project, designed by Pollard Thomas Edwards architects. It will create 517 new homes, new commercial space, a community centre and an 80-bedroom hotel, bringing employment and training opportunities for Enfield.

The New Ladderswood Limited Liability Partnership, a joint project between One Housing Group, Sherrygreen Homes and building contractors Mulalley, were chosen to deliver the new site.

Ladderswood/Montmerency Park property

Homes will range from one bedroom flats to four bedroom houses, and will be both private and affordable. The scheme will meet Code Level Four for Sustainable Homes. The new homes will be connected to the Arnos Grove heat network, with low carbon heating and hot water supplied by our energy company Energetik.


Phase one

Phase one of six completed and handed over in October 2017 delivering:

  • 23 affordable homes
  • 17 private sale homes
  • our first energy centre, the Arnos Grove Heat Network

All affordable homes are occupied by existing and other Enfield residents, and all private units have also been sold.

Phase two

This phase started on site in May 2016 and has been progressing well. All utility diversion works, as well as bulk excavations to form the basement car park, are complete. The superstructure for the building in this phase is complete and is now progressing the internal fit out. Completion is anticipated for summer 2019 which will see delivery of:

  • an 85 bed Premier Inn hotel
  • 21 affordable homes
  • 114 private sale homes
  • 6 commercial units

Phase three

This phase also started on site in May 2016 and is progressing well. It is programmed to complete in summer 2020 and will consist of:

  • 46 shared ownership homes
  • 28 private sale homes

Phase four

Anticipated to start on site in autumn 2019 and complete late summer 2021, delivering:

  • a community facility
  • 28 affordable homes
  • 82 private sale homes

Phase five

Due to start on site summer 2021 and complete winter 2022, delivering:

  • 21 affordable homes
  • 45 homes for private for sale

Phase six

Programmed to start on site January 2021 and complete summer 2023, delivering:

  • 10 shared ownership homes
  • 82 homes for private sale

Useful documents and links

Lousada Lodge
Avenue Road
Avenue Garden

New Avenue is in Southgate N14, in the Cockfosters Ward of Enfield. The area includes Beardow Grove, Coverack Close, Oakwood Lodge, Shepcot House, Hood Avenue open space and the garage site to the rear of Lousada Lodge.

The New Avenue Estate regeneration programme will see the existing blocks (with 171 homes, including 130 council homes, 41 leasehold properties and a pre-school nursery) demolished and redeveloped along with the Hood Avenue open space and the garage site to the rear of Lousda Lodge.

The 400+ new homes, multi-purpose nursery and community centre, community amenity space and parking, will help create a vibrant environment for the estate and wider community.

A sustainable urban drainage system has been created to control storm water run-off, making the area free from flood risk in future.

Countryside Properties won the tender to develop the site in 2014. As part of planning consent, they are making financial contributions to the local community for educational and transport improvements. They are also supporting local apprenticeships and training during the construction stages.

This regeneration project involves three construction phases, with planning consent for 268 private sale properties and 140 affordable homes. Vacant possession of the existing blocks for phase 1 completed in January 2018, and demolition of the old blocks, Beardow Grove, Oakwood Lodge and the garages behind Lousada Lodge followed shortly. Greater London Authority planning approval was received on 16 April 2018.

Residents already moved from the demolished blocks for phase one are living temporarily in vacant flats in Shepcot House and Coverack Close. Other vacant flats have been let as temporary accommodation for others in need.

In phase two Shepcot House and some of Coverack Close will be vacated for demolition, and eligible residents moved into their new homes completed in phase one. Phase three will see the remaining residents in Coverack Close move into the new homes completed for phase two.

Phase one construction of the first new blocks by Avenue Road is complete, with all twenty homes now sold. The construction of blocks in the former Hood Avenue open space are well underway. Phase one comprises 127 new homes, including 53 affordable homes, and is due for completion in early 2020.

To see the fully developed masterplan and design proposals for regenerating the New Avenue Estate, view the exhibition boards (PDF) from our September 2015 drop-in event.

View the information boards for phases two and three (PDF) from our resident consultation held on 5 February 2019. 

For more information, see:

The new homes will be connected to the Oakwood heat network, with low carbon heating and hot water supplied by our energy company Energetik.

People living in Enfield will have the first opportunity to purchase the new homes, and tenants will keep their secure tenancies if they choose to remain on the estate. Locals will also be prioritised with jobs and training opportunities.

Next steps

  • We will continue to work carefully with tenants and leaseholders to obtain vacant possession of buildings as necessary for phases two and three during 2020/21, to assist with moving into their new homes and to consult with them to ensure their views are heard
  • Following a planning consultation event with the local community in February 2019, the architects have been producing redesigns for phases two and three. There has since been an ongoing process whilst the developer, architects, council and planners have explored all opportunities to ensure the new designs provide the best outcomes. The proposals include increasing the total units on the site and to produce more affordable housing, but also ensuring that the public and community benefits are maximised. The aim is to keep the height of the buildings within the existing consented roofline.
  • A full planning application is now expected in early 2021
  • The whole project is now scheduled for completion during 2026/27, depending on how the negotiations over the revised planning application progress

Useful information

Artist impression of Newstead House

In April 2018, planning permission was granted to redevelop Newstead House and Maldon Road car park.

The development will see the demolition of Newstead House to provide 22 new homes for affordable rent, consisting of:

  • eleven x 3-bedroom houses
  • one x two-bedroom house (fully wheelchair adapted) 
  • 3-storey block of flats for older people (nine x 1-bedroom and one x 2-bedroom flats)

We have now completed the tender process and confirm the appointed contractor is Neilcott Construction Ltd. It is expected the main construction works will begin in June 2020 and complete in summer 2021.

Ordnance Road properties

Planning permission was granted to develop 15 new homes on the former Kettering Hall and pub site at 65-69 Ordnance Road.

Following a competitive process, Neilcott Construction Limited were chosen to construct the new homes and associated works.

The development was completed in March 2018. All 15 homes (two fully wheelchair-adapted) are now occupied for affordable rent and consist of:

  • eleven x 3-bedroom, 3-storey houses
  • four x 1-bedroom detached bungalows

The properties are located on a new mews between Rotherfield Road and Beaconsfield Road and include 16 off-street parking spaces for residents.

The new homes are built to Greater London Authority (GLA) standards, which includes high energy efficiency.

Ordnance Road has won a London LABC Building Excellence Awards 2018 'Highly Commended' for Best Social or Affordable New Housing Development. For more information visit LABC. The scheme has also won a RIBA London Award 2019.

The scheme has also been shortlisted in the Brick Awards 2018 in the Small Housing Development category, where L and R Brickwork, Bromley, was the brickwork contractor working with us. For more information visit Brick Development Association.

Artist impression

Planning permission was granted for the development of twelve new build homes for private sale across five disused garage sites owned by Enfield Council. Following a competitive process, Neilcott Construction Limited were chosen to construct the new homes and associated works.

There are 13 new homes all sold privately and built to Greater London Authority (GLA) standards, including high energy efficiency.

All three sites are located approximately 0.16 miles from Gordon Hill Station and less than one mile from Enfield Town shopping centre and train line.

Construction of the new homes was completed in August 2018.

All homes have now been sold subject to contract.

Padstow, Perrymead and Hedge Hill July 2018 Newsletter (PDF)

Padstow Road

Padstow Road

Six x 2-storey single family dwellings
(two x 2-bedroom semi-detached, three x 2-bedroom terraced and one x 2-bedroom detached houses)



Four x 2/3-storey single family dwellings
(one x 2-bedroom and three x 3-bedroom houses)

Hedge Hill

Hedge Hill

Three x 1-storey bungalows
(one x 1-bedroom and two x 2-bedroom)

To find affordable home ownership properties, visit London.GOV.UK.

Reardon Court in Winchmore Hill has been identified as the location of a new, modern extra care housing scheme on the site of a previous care home with outdated facilities. The development will provide good quality, affordable housing for those most in need. The final scheme will include thoughtfully designed communal facilities, encouraging residents to lead healthy, active and sustainable lifestyles.

The development of new extra care housing in the borough delivers on the Housing and Growth Strategy (PDF) and furthers our priority for safe, healthy and confident communities. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how important it is for us to design and deliver housing which helps the most vulnerable to live independently.

Extra care housing

Extra care housing is similar to sheltered housing and usually consists of individual, self-contained flats, each with its own front door.

The difference between extra care housing and sheltered housing is that the level of personal care available is much higher and can be arranged according to individual needs. Care can include things like domestic support and help with meals, as well as opportunities for a range of social and leisure activities.

Extra care can be a good option for those who need the security of having care staff on-site 24 hours a day but do not want to lose the independence of living in their own home.

In Enfield we offer sheltered housing (or extra care housing as appropriate) for people over 60 or with disabilities, to help them live independently. You may also qualify if you're over 55 and have a proven need to live in sheltered housing.

Why extra care housing is needed

The population in Enfield is increasing and people are living for longer, though not always in good health. People aged 65 and over make up 13% of our population and this is forecast to increase to 16% by 2030, from 45,148 to 57,647.

The number of people with additional and specific housing needs is also increasing. These people are at greater risk of poor housing conditions and have specific challenges when seeking safe, secure housing where they can protect and improve their health and wellbeing.

There are more than 3,000 people over 65 who are living in our social rented housing. By providing an attractive and high-quality housing offer for older people, we are not only providing housing options that might better meet their needs, we can also provide more social housing to families on our housing register.

Benefits of extra care housing

Extra care housing helps bridge the gap between housing and healthcare. It prevents the escalation of health and social care needs, and offers an appealing alternative to residential care.

Well-designed extra care housing can also play a role in supporting mental and emotional wellbeing. It can assist orientation and aid memory for those with dementia or cognitive impairment, and facilitate the development of peer support networks. This helps to combat social isolation through the creation of thoughtfully designed shared spaces that encourage social connection.

Site preparation

The existing buildings on the site have been demolished to make way for the new construction. Demolition started in December 2020 and completed in April 2021.

Design and construction

Reardon Court is currently undergoing design development and procurement before the construction starts. We will be in contact with neighbouring residents with updates in due course.

Further information

If you have any queries, email housingrenewal@enfield.gov.uk.

Silver Point

Silver Point, now known as Prowse Court and Lord Graham Mews, is the first housing estate renewal scheme in Enfield to be completed. Formerly known as Highmead estate, it is in Fore Street, Upper Edmonton, N18.

The scheme was developed by Countryside Properties and completed in July 2015, when it was officially opened by Cllr Oykener. The development provides 118 new residential properties, with 22 houses (two with wheelchair access) for affordable rent, 25 flats for intermediate rent and 71 flats for private sale. The affordable homes are owned and managed by Newlon Housing Trust. All the residential units have now been sold or let.

In addition to the homes, a GP health centre on Fore Street, a community building on Alpha Road, and four shops have been developed.

Upton and Raynham artist's impression

Beck House, on Upton Road, was formerly a hostel providing accommodation for single homeless people and couples. The building is now in a poor state of repair and near vacant. Once vacant, we plan to buy Beck House from its current owners, Riverside Housing Association.

We aim to submit a planning application later this year for the redevelopment of Beck House and surrounding land.

The proposal is to build around 140 high-quality homes, comprising 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom houses, maisonettes and flats, with a mix of private sale and affordable homes.

The development will improve an area from the eastern point of Beck House up to the boundary of the Angel Community Centre. Scott House, Angel Community Centre and Raynham Road Car Park will remain as they are currently.

The scheme is being designed to ensure pollution from the A406 is reduced, and light and views into the homes is maximised, making comfortable living spaces. It will include improved green spaces and a pedestrianised street with high quality play spaces for children.

The development will improve the neighbourhood, create a vibrant community, and reduce the potential for antisocial behaviour with increased natural surveillance and more efficiently designed space.

Proposals for the scheme will be available to view and comment on later in June 2021.