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Options for moving home

We have a shortage of council and housing association homes available for letting on Enfield's Housing Register. If you are a tenant living in temporary accommodation given to you by us, there are many options you can look at for moving into a home of your choice.

If you or someone in your household is suffering from a serious illness or disability, which you think is made worse by your current home, get help with your housing situation. Applicants will be assessed by Enfield's Medical Assessment Officer.

Fresh Start

Our Fresh Start scheme aims to help you move to an affordable home of your choice anywhere in the UK through private rented accommodation. We can pay one month's deposit, direct to the agent or landlord on your behalf.

At the end of the tenancy, if your rent account is up-to-date and there is no property damage, you can use the deposit to move to another property of your choice. We can also help with removals to make sure that your move takes place as smoothly as possible.

Renting privately means you may not have to wait as long before you are offered a property and you will have more of a choice of where to live. However, the property must be affordable and meet the Local Housing Allowance limit if you are claiming an income-based benefit.

You can apply for the Fresh Start scheme if you are:

  • a tenant living in temporary accommodation, provided by us before November 2012
  • an Enfield Council tenant
  • a housing association tenant

To apply, you must be the named tenant of the property.

We will also need a tenancy reference from your current housing provider to check that you:

  • have a zero balance on your current and any previous rent accounts
  • are able to live independently
  • don’t have a history of antisocial behaviour

For more information, refer to our Fresh Start leaflet (PDF) or apply online.


If you rent your home from the council or a housing association, you may be able to swap homes with another tenant living anywhere in the UK. You can apply for an exchange if:

  • you live in secure, self-contained accommodation, for example, a flat or a house
  • both you and the tenant you want to exchange homes with are renting your homes from the council or housing association
  • both of you have secure or assured tenancies
  • your landlord and their landlord have given you permission to make the exchange

You are not entitled to an exchange if:

  • you have a starter tenancy, an introductory tenancy, a demoted tenancy, an assured shorthold tenancy or private rented tenancy
  • you are a shared ownership leaseholder
  • you live in supported accommodation
  • you have rent arrears or antisocial behaviour issues
  • your property has adaptations for a person with a disability, and the potential tenant or their family doesn't have a need for that

If you claim Housing Benefit and you want a home which is larger than you need, you may not get enough benefit to fully cover your rent. You will need to check whether you can afford the extra rent from your income.

Contact your landlord to check if you can exchange your home, as you may be evicted if you try to swap your home without permission. You can then register online with HomeSwapper.

Affordable homeownership options

Schemes available to help you buy a home at a reduced cost: