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Selective licensing scheme

Selective licensing applies to all privately rented residential properties occupied by one or two persons, or one family households located in these 14 wards (areas) across the borough:

Designation one

  • Bowes
  • Edmonton Green
  • Enfield Highway
  • Enfield Lock
  • Haselbury
  • Jubilee
  • Lower Edmonton
  • Palmers Green
  • Ponders End
  • Southbury
  • Southgate Green
  • Turkey Street
  • Upper Edmonton

Designation two

  • Chase

Landlords must apply for a licence for each property they rent out in these wards.

If you need to check which ward your property falls within, see our borough and ward profiles page.

To check if your property requires a selective licence, see what is selective licensing?

Selective licence property

Selective licensing applies to properties that are let to one or two people, or one family households.

Where there are multiple rented flats in the same block or building that are owned and managed by the same person, the building may qualify for a single selective licence. Usually each separate flat in a building will need its own individual licence.

For buildings that qualify for a single selective licence, a reduced fee may apply. The Part 1 fee will be payable at the full rate for the first flat. It will then be reduced by £100 for each additional flat within the building. The Part 2 fee is the full fee for all flats.

Individual licences are of benefit to landlords if they want to make physical alterations to, sell or change a managing agent for one of the flats. They can do so without affecting the licences of all the other flats in the block.

A single licence for the entire block in any of these events will require a variation of the licence or even a new application.

If you want to apply for a single selective license for the entire block of flats under the same ownership and management control, you should contact us for further advice before making an application.

Property licence register

You can view the register of all licensed properties within Enfield by visiting the property licence register.

Before applying for a licence, you will need the following information to complete your application:

  • Details of the licence holder, including name, address and date of birth
  • Room sizes in square metres
  • Details about the property structure, and location of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Name and addresses of all people and organisations with an interest in the property (such as freeholders, leaseholders, managing agents and mortgage provider)
  • Documents (gas safety certificate, electrical and tenancy or licence agreement and Energy Performance Certificate)
  • Payment card details

Fit and proper person

For a landlord, letting or management agent to be given a private rented property licence, they will need to prove they are a 'fit and proper' person. This will involve making a declaration to confirm their status about any criminal offences.

Failure to meet the fit and proper person test may result in an application for a licence being refused.

In deciding whether someone is fit and proper, we must consider:

  • any offences involving fraud or other dishonesty, violence, drugs, or any offence listed in Schedule 3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003
  • any unlawful discrimination on grounds of sex, colour, race, ethnic or national origins, or disability
  • any contravention of the law relating to housing or landlord and tenant law
  • whether the person has a 'banning order' in force under section 16 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016
  • if any person involved in the management of the property has a sufficient level of competence to be involved

We may also decide a person is not fit and proper due to association with other persons not considered fit and proper, and where this would affect the management of a licensed property. The proposed licence holder and managing agent, if applicable, must also be able to prove that satisfactory management and financial arrangements are in place for the property.

Applications from letting or managing agents, and non-UK residents

Who can make a licence application

You can apply for a property licence if you're the property owner, the manager employed by the owner, or the person in receipt of the rent.

Proposed licence holder

The licence holder should have the power to:

  • let and terminate tenancies
  • access all parts of the premises (same as the owner)
  • authorise repairs or maintenance

If the property is managed by someone other than the licence holder, such as a letting or managing agent, the licence holder should make sure:

  • the agent is fully aware and compliant with the licence conditions
  • there are satisfactory management arrangements and a signed declaration in place
  • the agent is a member of a redress scheme

A copy of the contract between the owner and the agent must be provided. This must include a declaration that the agent is fully aware and compliant with the licence conditions and there are satisfactory management arrangements in place.

Non-UK applicants

Applications for a property licence from a non-UK resident will only be considered valid if there is a managing agent based in the UK. The managing agent must agree to the conditions and obligations imposed in the licence conditions by signing a declaration.

Limited company application

Applications from a limited company need to provide:

  • a full company name
  • a registered address
  • a registration number
  • a name of the person who can be contacted about the licence

Applications will only be accepted from companies with a UK registered office.

If your property is in one of the 14 wards (areas), you will need to make an application for a licence. If you need to check which ward your property falls within, see our borough and ward profiles page.

For guidance on the application process and how to apply for a licence, view the property licensing application process (PDF).

You can make multiple licence applications, pay the licence fee and provide the necessary documentation. You will need to create a new user account before you can make a licence application.

Apply for a selective licence

Processing your application

We aim to process your application within 60 working days. If there is any information missing or more details are needed, we will contact you. It's important the email address and contact numbers you provide in your application are correct and up to date.

Selective licence fees

The fee for a selective licence is £600.

Part 1 is £260 and is due when the application is made. Part 2 is £340 and will be payable when the licence is granted.

If your property is already licensed as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) under Enfield's mandatory or additional HMO licensing schemes, you do not need to apply for a selective licence. Each property is only subject to one type of residential licensing scheme.

A licence is usually for a period of five years from the date that it is issued. The council may issue a licence for a shorter period, subject to additional conditions if there are concerns about the management arrangements or standards.


Some tenancies and licences are exempt. These can be found under The Selective Licensing of Houses (Specified Exemptions) (England) Order 2006.

Variation of a selective licence

You will need to use the property licensing website to make changes to an existing licence. This may include:

  • a change in the property agent or company managing the property
  • a change of address for the landlord
  • a change of household or occupancy levels in the property

If your private rented property falls within the designated area for selective licensing and you think it is exempt from the requirement of property licensing, you will need to apply for a temporary exemption notice.

If you are unsure if your property is exempt or requires a temporary exemption notice, contact the private rented sector licensing team by emailing prsh@enfield.gov.uk.