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New Southgate

The New Southgate masterplan (PDF) was agreed for adoption in December 2010. New Southgate was identified as one of our priority regeneration areas. We worked with residents and businesses to create a neighbourhood that:

  • features well-used, high quality, multi-functional green spaces
  • has high quality homes, local shops and community services
  • is clean and attractive
  • is well connected to the rest of Enfield and surrounding areas, with excellent transport links to central London and beyond

We have delivered a number of projects that were identified as areas of development and improvement in the masterplan. These include:

  • Garfield School Expansion project
  • Ladderswood Estate
  • Red Brick Estate project
  • Take the High Road project

For more information, email neighbourhoodregeneration@enfield.gov.uk or view our below documents:

Red Brick Estate project

The Red Brick Estate improvement project featured in the New Southgate masterplan (PDF). It was identified by residents as a top priority. The project aimed to improve safety and improve the look of the area.

We worked with residents in 2011 to get their views on our plans to:

  • block up unnecessary alleyways
  • lower the height of walls
  • make open spaces more attractive
  • make trees canopies thinner

View the project plans (PDF) and consultation summary (PDF).

The project was completed in September 2014. Residents say the estate is now easier to police, safer and better in appearance. One local resident said:

"I think the estate is much improved, especially with the removal of the brickwork along Station Road. It felt very closed-in before, now it seems more part of the community. Replacing the very old fencing around some gardens with new brickwork has also improved the appearance of the estate."

Take the High Road project

The Take the High Road project featured in the New Southgate masterplan (PDF). It was identified by residents as a high priority.

The project aimed to:

  • improve the green spaces along the high road and the area in front of the high road shops
  • improve public safety
  • make the area more attractive

Consultation took place between May and September in 2012. View the full consultation report (PDF) and final design plan (PDF).

Improvements in the Take the High Road project included:

  • the installation of new play equipment for young children
  • a large bird’s nest swing
  • outdoor gym equipment
  • traffic calming on the high road
  • improvements to the parade of shops
  • better connection between the high road and Betstyle Circus

Phase two involved improvement to the open space on Grove Road, known locally as The Bombie. This includes improved walkways and features celebrating the history of the site. The project was completed in spring 2014.

For more information, email neighbourhoodregeneration@enfield.gov.uk.

We have many ambitions for the site of the old Southgate Town Hall, including:

  • improved, modern library services
  • a community meeting room
  • new high quality affordable housing
  • a new medical practice

In addition, we intend to keep the town hall intact, converting it into an apartment building.

Planning brief

The Southgate Town Hall Planning Brief (PDF) was produced to help ensure that development accommodates appropriate uses and that social, environmental and economic benefits are maximised. It was adopted on 12 October 2011.

Sale of Town Hall site

We appointed leading property consultants, Drivers Jonas Deloitte (DJD), to sell the freehold. In October 2012 the marketing campaign began with adverts in the property press and the direct targeting of 150 potential purchasers including:

  • residential developers
  • development and investment companies
  • affordable housing providers
  • development agents
  • architects

Interested parties submitted their offers in November 2012.

DJD have analysed all bids and held interviews with shortlisted parties. Heads of terms have been finalised and officers have submitted a report for formal approval.

Library improvements

Design work for the improvement of library services is underway, together with the relocation of essential back office library functions.

Doctor's surgery

We have also been in discussions with a group medical practice regarding the possibility of accommodating a doctor's surgery on the ground and lower ground floors of the library building.

For further information, contact Property Services on 020 8379 1000.

Improvements to the open space on Grove Road, known locally as The Bombie, have been completed. This was part of the second phase of the Take the High Road project.

Improvements to the site included:

  • re-landscaping
  • de-cluttering
  • additional wooden seating
  • new planting beds
  • new play garden for young children
  • a historical information board
  • stone artwork

Local residents played a big role in this project. Many were keen to have the site's rich history featured on planned artwork.

Our local archives team uncovered many interesting facts and images relating to The Bombie. We used these local stories and worked with community groups to create two artworks that tell the history of the local area. These are:

For more information, view our site images and design plans (PDF).