Heritage trails

These walks are available in hardcopy from all Enfield Libraries or from Enfield Local Studies Library and Archive.

Enfield Loop heritage trail

These images supplement the Enfield Loop heritage walk. Refer to the numbers next to the images which will correspond to the numbers marked on your walking trail map. Copies of the map are available at all Enfield Libraries.

1a. Chase Side House 1873. Standing on the site of Enfield Town Library Green

1b. Enfield Town Library 1955.

2. Sir Hugh Myddelton 1560-1631. Builder of the New River.

3. Enfield Enclosure map 1806, showing the route of the New River Loop.

4. Chase Park 1879. Home of Mr Carr, demolished to accommodate the Railway.

5. Town Park, Carrs Basin 1909.

6. Crown & Horseshoes (date unknown). Note that the bridge in this picture no longer exists.

7. Enfield Grammar 1880.

8. Church Lane 1955. The cottages on the right hand side of this picture were demolished for the proposed ring road.

9. Southbury Road 1940. Pumping water after the bombing incident.