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Park events

We host a variety of events in our parks, including community days, funfairs and festivals. To find out about future events in parks and open spaces, view our events schedule (XLSX).

Hosting events

You can apply to host an event in one of our parks. Event organisers will need to complete a park event permit application form (PDF) and a park event risk assessment (PDF). View our fees and charges for 2020-2021 (PDF).

We recommend that you read the Enfield Parks Event Strategy (PDF) to understand how these events will be managed.

The Event Management plan (PDF) is a document to assist event organisers in developing a comprehensive plan of the event and would need to be completed for events over 1000 people.

The cost depends on the size and type of event you want to hold. There is a non-refundable administration fee of at least £100 for all applications.

Email parkactivities@enfield.gov.uk your completed application form and relevant supporting documents.

We look at each application individually and will contact you with our decision or to request further information. You may need to consult nearby residents and gain approval from the emergency services.

Event organisers must maintain public liability insurance with a limit of indemnity of at least £5,000,000. We do not allow balloons, lanterns and floating candles on council land.

Park event applications
Size of event Processing time
Under 50 people No permit required. You need to let us know where and when an event is taking place
50-201 people 4 weeks
201-2,000 people 8 weeks
More than 2,000 people 12 weeks
Proposed timescale for new applications (Trent Park)
Scale Application to be received
Large A minimum of six months before
Medium A minimum of three months before
Small A minimum of six weeks before

Safety Advisory Group (SAG) events

SAG provides guidance for organisers so they can run their events safely. They don't assist in planning, or take responsibility for the event as this is for the organiser to do.

SAG will advise and make observations about events and some SAG members with statutory responsibility may act in the interests of public safety.

Monthly SAG meetings are organised to coincide with the event planning process each year. Major event organisers should go to a SAG meeting before applying to us for a license.

For more information, view the SAG terms of reference (PDF).