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Library resources for children with special educational needs

Borrowing books

Children and young people can borrow books free of charge. They can also borrow CDs, DVDs and other resources at any of our libraries. Our online catalogue lists all books and items available. Children and young people aged under eighteen can reserve library items, free of charge.

View information on overdue fees and charges.

Library resources for children with special educational needs

You can also access the following services in many of our libraries:

  • talking books (stories on CD)
  • large Print (16-point font) books
  • computers equipped with access technology, such as magnification software
  • short fun stories to motivate older children with lower literacy levels, especially helpful for building confidence in those with autism and dyslexia
  • National Summer Reading Challenge with tailored materials
  • e-book and e-audio books (free to borrow using your library card or the online catalogue

External resources for children and young people who are blind or partially sighted

As well as the resources found in your local library, there are many other services available for advice, support and resources:

  • The Seeing Ear offers books that can be downloaded by blind and partially-sighted individuals and their parents or carers
  • ClearVision lends dual format braille/print and Moon/print books and tactile books. Titles are suitable for pre-school, children learning to read and newly-fluent readers.
  • The Living Painting Trust lends fiction and non-fiction touch and sound packs for children of all ages
  • LOOK is run by The National Federation of Families with VIChildren, and connects and supports famiies
  • VICTA Children offers practical advice and support, grants for equipment and vacation schemes

As part of our commitment to help readers of all ages to enjoy reading, Enfield Library and Museum Service stocks Barrington Stoke books, which are designed for readers with dyslexia. You can search for these using our online catalogue.

  • Barrington Stoke is an independent publisher dedicated to cracking reading. Their books are commissioned, edited and designed to break down the barriers that can stop this happening, from dyslexia and visual stress to simple reluctance.
  • Barrington Stoke books are dyslexic-friendly publications which are available in all libraries. They have cream paper that reduces glare, which is a factor in visual stress and causes words to jump around.
  • Dyslexia can make it hard to remember shapes of words or letters so the font and spacing is carefully created to make everything as clear as possible.
  • Thick paper is used so words and illustrations don't show through from other pages. Barrington Stoke pitch their stories at the real age of the reader and not their reading age.
  • Barrington Stoke are high-low, which means content is appropriate to actual age of readers but text has been edited to suit a lower reading age.
  • Reading ages available: 6, 6.5, 7 and 8.
  • Interest ages: mid-primary to adult.

Dyslexia rulers

These rulers are designed to help those with dyslexia to read. One side is transparent, and is designed to highlight the text beneath while reducing glare. The other side is a ruled line that allows dyslexic readers to keep their place on the page.

Dyslexia rulers will be available to borrow from the following libraries:

All other libraries will have a reference set only.

Useful organisations