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Noise nuisances

If you are affected by noise from 9pm - 3am on Friday or Saturday nights, you should contact us on 020 8379 1000. We will contact you to arrange a visit and assess the noise.

We will send you a log sheet to fill in so we have a record of when the noise is happening and how it is affecting you. We will also contact the person and let them know a complaint has been made.

Most noise issues are resolved informally after we contact the person living in the property. If the noise continues and the nuisance is witnessed, we can serve an abatement notice. If the notice is breached, we can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecute, and may seize noise making equipment if it still carries on.

You can view the Noise advisory letter (PDF) and Noise log sheets (PDF)

Noise from a residential property

If you are affected by noise from a residential property, we ask that you first speak to your neighbour and let them know it’s bothering you.

If it continues, or you are not happy to speak to them, you can report it and we may take action depending on the type of noise.

We can’t deal with noise due to poor insulation or from normal living activities, such as children playing or vacuuming during the day.

Report noise from a residential property

Noise from a commercial property

You can report noise from a commercial property and we will take action if we believe it is a statutory nuisance.

Noise from a construction site

You can report noise from a construction site and we will take action if we believe it is a statutory nuisance.