Parking permits for residents and businesses

Some Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) require specific permits. You can apply for a permit to park in these areas for certain times of the day.

Types of permits:

  • Resident
  • Visitor
  • Business
  • Carer

Apply for or renew a parking permit

Permits for residents, businesses and carers last for one year and must be renewed after the expiry date. You must purchase a permit for each vehicle registered under your name. Permits are limited to three per person.

Resident permit prices are based on vehicle engine size.

Blue badge holders can apply for a resident permit free of charge.

Resident permits

Engine size Price for all-day zones Price for 1-to-4 hour zones
1000cc or less £55 £27.50
1001cc to 1600cc £110 £55
1601cc to 1999cc £165 £82.50
2000cc to 2499cc £220 £110
2500cc to 2999cc £275 £137.50
3000cc £330 £165

Business permits

Time Price for all-day zones  Price for 1-to-4 hour zones 
3 months £165 -               
1 year £660 £60              

To prove the address for where the vehicle is kept within the CPZ area, you will need to provide the vehicle registration document and a utility bill (within the last three months). You can upload these documents during your online application.

Apply for or renew a parking permit

Residents can purchase vouchers for their visitors to park within their CPZ area at restricted times shown on parking signs. They can park in resident permit parking spaces without vouchers outside the restricted times.

There are two types of resident CPZs:

  • 1-to-4 hour restriction
  • All-day restriction

Visitor vouchers come in books of ten. The visitor scratches off the date and time they begin parking.

A book of ten one-hour vouchers for 1-to-4 hour restriction zones costs £7.50. A book of ten half-day vouchers for all-day restriction zones costs £15.

Apply for visitor vouchers

Cancelling a permit

You can cancel an existing parking permit. Any refunds will be paid directly into your bank account. You will need to provide the:

  • account holder name
  • account number
  • bank sort code

Cancel a parking permit

Amending a permit

You can change your contact details, name or vehicle relating to an existing parking permit.

Amend an existing permit

Requesting a replacement permit

You can request a replacement parking permit that has been lost, stolen or damaged. You will have to pay a fee of £20. If your permit was stolen and you have a police crime reference number, we will replace your permit free of charge.

Request a replacement permit

You can also access our services and purchase permits at our parking shop. We will be able to help you with:

  • applying for Blue Badge companion permits
  • applying for a dispensation order
  • coach, heavy goods vehicle (HGV) or lorry parking
  • handing in appeals
  • paying parking fines

You can visit us 24 hours a day, any day, including bank holidays, at:

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