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Submit a planning application

Application process

Most building work, engineering work and use of land requires planning permission. All planning applications are checked by our business unit to make sure they are in line with any requirements. Our planning decisions team assesses and determines them.

More information is available in the planning charter (PDF).

Where to get advice

You can get pre-application advice, but there is a charge for this service.

Planning guidance is available from the planning portal, which can show if developments need planning permission. Their interactive house provides a useful guide for householder development.

There are also mini guides for house extensions, porches, outbuildings and loft conversions.

Submitting your application

You can submit your application online using the Planning Portal.

To avoid delays in processing your application, see our planning application validation requirements (PDF).

Pay planning application fee

Further guidance:

You can also find guidance on the planning register page


View and comment on planning applications

Online planning register

The online planning register lets you:

  • search for current applications and those where decisions or appeals have been made
  • monitor the progress of applications
  • view current application plans and documents
  • submit comments on current applications

You can also view current applications online, or at your local library. A Planning Advice Officer is available at the Civic Centre, by appointment between 10am and 1pm from Tuesday to Thursday to provide general advice and help.

Weekly planning lists can be viewed on the planning register page.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee meets to decide all types of planning applications. However, for practical reasons, most matters are determined by officers under powers delegated by the Committee. View the details of its meeting.

Members of the public cannot take part in the discussion at Planning Committee other than through the deputation process. More information is available in the downloadable Planning Committee Procedure leaflet (PDF).

The agenda is published five days prior to a meeting and approved minutes with any agreed amendments are published five days after the next meeting. You can view the published agenda, minutes and reports.

At the meeting, the planning application can be approved, refused or deferred if more information or a site visit is required. Members of the planning committee have to declare an interest in a particular application if they have a connection to the development being proposed. They may be asked to leave the meeting for that item if their interest is greater than average.

For more information, email the Democratic Services team, or call on 020 8379 4093.