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Dangerous structures

We are responsible for dealing with dangerous private buildings and structures. Given how serious this matter is, we are available all day, every day.

You can report dangerous buildings or structures to us. When you report the problem you should provide:

  • the address of structure
  • the type of risk
  • your name, address and telephone number

If you think the problem is dangerous call 020 8379 3624 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday or 020 8379 1000 at all other times. Note that we only deal with private properties, not council owned buildings.

In the case of an imminent danger we have the powers to take whatever action is necessary to maintain public safety. The building owner will need to cover the costs of our action.

In other cases where the danger is not imminent, we will report the matter to the building’s owner in order for them to take any necessary measures to maintain public safety.